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How do I help my mother with chronic pain and depression and who is suicidal?

K Here goes. My mom was once very successful and very happy with her life, until about ten years ago. She was diagnosed with fibromalygia so she has chronic pain and she's also been very depressed, as long as I can remember. About 3 months ago, her doctor cut her off of her Oxycontin. Out of nowhere. He cut her off of everything else as well, she had to get her regular anti depressant prescribed by another doctor. It has been a complete disaster these past 3 months.

She has tried to commit suicide three times. The third time, last Thursday, was the closet call. She overdosed..I found her having a seizuer in the living room. She was on life support for awhile and today she woke up from her coma. She is still in the hospital, but it's only a matter of time before they let her out.

First she'll go to the psych ward, where she went the last two times as well. But after about a week there, they always let her out.

This time I am horrified of her getting out, and what she'll do next. I feel so bad for her, but I don't see anyway I can help. She needs a new doctor, who will help her. But no one is goign to with this stuff on her record, but I KNOW that if she had her medication it would be fine. I have NO idea what to do. Im crying out for help, I am honestly scared to death. I want my mom back, but at the same time, I'm scared for her to come back. And NO one understands how bad it is, even my family, because they're never with her at home.. I am. They know it's bad, and they agree she needs some sort of rehab when she gets out.. But she wont go. And with no pills, she'll be too sick. She doesn't sleep, eat, drive, talk, walk around.. she doesn't do anything without them because her pain is too bad. Before this last time, she had gone without sleep for threeeee weeks.

Someone please help me.

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    Every hospital has a social work department. They usually don't work nights or weekends, so tomorrow morning ask one of the nurses to call a social worker. Speak frankly to her/him. Tell them what's going on. It's not a betrayal of your mom to share this. It's all on her chart anyway.

    Social workers are pretty amazing people. They're aware of lots of resources that nurses and doctors just aren't. If your mom could get into an outpatient pain management clinic she may be able to get some non-narcotic meds to manage her fibromyalgia. It's too bad the doc she was seeing just took her off her meds without giving her something else to manage her pain. You don't say how long she was on the oxycontin, but there's every chance she's addicted. Now if she's been three months without it, she's probably gone through the worst part.

    I wish you luck. And I hope the hospital social worker comes through for you.

    Source(s): I worked as a nurse for a zillion years!
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    I went through this with my dad. It sucks big time. First of all remember, this is not your fault and you can't control your mom. Are you a minor (under 18)? If so, you really need a social worker. You can get one by calling the Department of Child and Family Services in your town (just do a search online). A kid or teen really shouldn't be in the position of having to take care of your parent. If you're an adult, there's less that you can do in some respects, because of HIPAA.

    You can request that your mom be committed to the state institution. I think that's done in 90 day increments. I also think her doctor has to make that recommendation, so you'd need to try to talk with her doctor, which may or may not be possible because of HIPAA.

    Regardless of your age, it would be useful to talk to a counselor yourself. S/he will have a better knowledge of the system and what you can do for your mom, but this way you can also get your emotions addressed. Like I said, I understand how stressful and nerve-wracking this can be. To find a therapist or social worker in your area you can just do an online search for community mental health + your city or town.

    Good luck!

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    Depression Free Method?

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