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Would Dodgers Vs. Yankees world series have been better?

Despite a 3 to 1 lead for NY this world series has had good drama, but Dodgers v. Yankees would have been better?

Maybe out yankees big blue Dodger wrecking crew gonna get you!

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    Yes. I thought last yr it was a Phillies fluke and despite them making a second world series, I still believe that. Would have been better to see NY handle another Cali team. Take down the 2 best from west. But the Dodgers just struggled in the second half of the season. And they collapsed against the Phillies despite embarassing the Cardinals. Plus what great storyline would have been better than Joe Torre v. old team?

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    I know that the Dodgers are weaker than the Yankees, but a series between these two teams would have been a real classic of all classics. And I'd still root for the Dodgers.

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    The Yankees would have taken the Dodgers out in 4. Not much of a series.

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    Yes Dodgers/Yankees would've been better. TOrre comes back to NY. I love watching Manny play the Yankees. Yankees/Dodgers is a classic rivalry. Phillies have snoozer ratings.

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    It would have been really interesting. As a Yankee fan it would've been really ... there are no words. Facing Torre? I heard there is an interleague match-up next year between the yankees and dodgers. Might be a could-have-been if the NLCS rolled a different way

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    Im a big Dodger fan. HUGE. And i think that Manny screwed us. When Juan was out there we seemed to play as a better team. In the playoffs we just didn't get it done. Im ridiculously disappointed but I think the Phillies are the better team. Im must be nuts.

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    It would have been a Sweep if the Yankees Played the Dodgers. The Yankees in 4 straight. because this same Phillie Team Bloodied the Nose of the Dodgers, and the Yankees have to this point, Handled the Phillies.

  • Kobe5x
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    No it wouldnt have the phillies rocked the dodgers so the yankees would have rocked the dodgers to

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    Stop dreaming when you already lost. The Dodgers' rotation was even worse than the Phillies. They got lucky Cardinals was struggling with their line-up.

    If it was the Dodgers won NLCS, the Yankees should have clinch the WS yesterday.

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    No, because being an Angels fan, I hate both teams, so I wouldn't watch it since I want neither team to win. Plus, Dodger fans are awful and the Yankee fan transplants that live in L.A. are completely obnoxious, so there would be MANY fights.

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