Help with the crucible act II?

i had like a 50 question packet and im stuck with these, any help would help, thanks,

1. wnat "evidence" is used to put the accused in jail?

2. why doesnt mary warren feel well when she returns to the proctors?3. what 3 questions does hale ask proctor to determine if there is reason to believe the charges against elizabeth?

4. what evidence did abigail charge elizabeth proctor with? and how did abigail know the poppet would be in the proctor house?

5. how did john proctors relationship with abigail lead to the arrest of his wife elizabeth?


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    1. Abigail and the girls accused people of being witches. There have been witch trials.

    2. Mary Warren is an official of the court. She was in court all day.

    3. Hale questioned why the Proctors doesn't go to church on Sundays. He also want to know why two out of their three sons haven't been baptized. And he asked John to recite the ten commandments.

    4. Abigail planted a needle inside the poppet and gave it to Mary Warren. When Mary Warren gave the poppet to Elizabeth, Elizabeth kept the poppet. When Ezekiel Cheever came by, he asked if Elizabeth kept any poppets. Elizabeth handed him her poppet and he looked at the doll. He saw that there was a needle stuck inside the poppet. Cheever said that Abigail had a needle stuck to her stomach. Abigail accused Elizabeth of being a witch.

    5. Abigail is in love with John Proctor. Abigail accused Elizabeth of being a witch so she can have John to herself. If Elizabeth is accused of being a witch, then there is a possibility that she can die. If Elizabeth is gone, then Abigail can be with John.

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