Christians: What if youre wrong?

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    Unfortunately, the Christian community hammers into the heads of its proponents the notion that they have "the truth" and that everyone else is demonically influenced to be wrong.

    EDIT: Don't you love all the Pascal's Wagers flaws?

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    It all depends on how you want to roll the dice...

    There are 4 possible outcomes.

    #1. There is no God, so there is no reason to believe in God; Consequence: You act as if there is no "higher authority", get away with as much as civil law will allow you, and fade into the dim memory of time. Since there is no existence after death, there is no memory; you miss out on nothing.

    #2. There is no God, but you believe anyway. You live a "Christian" lifestyle where you seek to do good in the world anyway. Consequence: You and your fellow man are enriched by your choice. When you die, there is no judgment, no knowledge or memory to carry forward. You miss out on nothing, but society has been enriched by your kindness. You gain nothing, but are remembered until the sun goes supernova.

    #3. There is a God. You choose to not believe. God's judgment descends upon you in the next life and you end up paying for an eternity for a few years of hedonistic pleasure.

    #4. There is a God. You choose to believe and follow His commandments. You live the Christian life and serve your fellow man. You reap the rewards of being a good and faithful servant for all eternity.

    Those are the only possibilities that can exist. The consequences are clear. No matter what you choose, you will live a better life and be remembered for that life by living the "Christian" ethic. If there is a God, you will be rewarded. If there isn't, then it doesn't matter.

    Source(s): Kant, Locke, Descartes, Freud, Plato, Aristotle, Socrates, Me.
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    One can't say we are wrong or write, it's FAITH! Anyone "could" be write or wrong about anything in the universe! I am a christian but I know what I believe is just a part of the greater picture. On some level all answers have their place in life whether there write or wrong according to an individual or philosophy or religion or whatever! Those who say we are wrong are wrong themselves because they don't have the ultimate truth to make that decision, those who say we are write must realize we have faith not judgement to force what we might believe down others throats! So just find out for yourself! If we are wrong then oh well, if we are write then......ok.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    If only it were that simple. Christian means "Christ in" and that isn't an intellectual conclusion, rather it's a spiritual experience. When I was suicidal and hopeless and I looked to God to help me, I felt a loving spirit wash over me and a huge weight lift off me and I knew he would take care of me and I could trust he would guide to help me work out my problems.

    Once Christ is in us; however, we then have a responsibility to honor God by doing what is right--but being humans, we sometimes do the wrong thing. Regardless, when we really are sorry, and we really want to clean it up, the spirit of Christ washes over us to cleanse, forgive and get us back on our feet again.

    How could anyone expect a Christian to deny his or her own experiences/relationship with God? A belief system is not enough. It has to include an experience with God to be real and Jesus is as real to me as your best friend is to you. I think the question should be, (with respect) What if You are wrong?

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  • Jan C
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    1 decade ago

    I would rather be wrong than to live my life and find out that I will not be going to Heaven. There is more to living a christian life than just the end of life.

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    Wrong about what? There are Christians that teach hatred those would be the wrong Christians.

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    We all live forever in one place or the other would you want to stand before God without ever believing in him youll find out the wrong way we all will die

  • if they are wrong all that will happen is they die like everyone else - in other words they wont know they are wrong and therefore wont have lost anything - and if they are right then they will have gained a place in paradise

    - its a win win situation


    in response to Bostezo -

    many christians actually enjoy the way they live their lives

  • 1 decade ago

    then what are we out? A better life. Sorry, nothing lost by believing.

    Now what if your wrong?

    What "living" am I missing out on? caring for others, a sense of belonging, a higher purpose? Really what am I missing out on? i enjoy the sciences, camping fishing, hiking, spending time with my family. Nice vacations, working hard. Do tell-what's missing?

    Source(s): my opinion
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    What if were not? Then there is no heaven or hell we just die and that's it. What if a nonbeliever is wrong and there is a heaven or hell? I think that even if whether we are right or wrong, the one who doesn't believe is taking the real gamble.

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