Is there a good music making software out there that is legal to download and free?

I wanna make some of my own music and I was trying to find some software that is legally downloadable and free.

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    Try Hydrogen if you want a step-sequencer, but I'm not sure if it's got Windows ports. It has drum machines, synths etc.

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    Audacity is a good free app for editing pre-recorded tracks or recording live instruments in multi-track format but it does not use loops.

    Acid Xpress is the free, lite version of Sony Acid Pro.

    Free loops from site and more compatible loops from Macloops.

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    Audacity is free and legal. It lets you edit MP3s. But I don't think they have features like Garage Band with built-in instrumental rhythms.

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    Magix Music Maker Basic Edition

    it's freeware..

    just try it..


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    Audacity [1] is a good free sound editing application.


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