How do you want to or not want to fix the BCS?

My idea is to keep the bowl games and also have a playoff. You?

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    Institute a 16 team playoff system just like the FCS division has, and incorporate the major bowls into that system.

    The winners of eight FBS conferences would automatically qualify. That includes winners from the following conferences:


    Big East

    Big 10

    Big 12

    Conference USA

    Mountain West

    Pac 10


    Then there would be eight at-large BCS playoff berths awarded. Teams would be seeded 1-16, with the top eight seeds hosting first round games in their home stadiums.

    Secondly, SCRAP THE COMPUTER RANKINGS. Have a NCAA sanctioned committee select the field just like they do for the NCAA basketball tournament as well as the FCS playoff field.

    As for incorporating the bowls into the playoff field, after the first round, the following three rounds (quarterfinals, semifinals, and BCS championship) would be played at neutral sites in a "bowl" setting. For instance, the quarterfinal and semifinal matchups would be played as sponsored bowl games (the four major BCS bowls, plus two other bowls that are either created for the BCS playoffs or two already existing bowls that the BCS incorporates). would be called just that. The BCS CHampionship. The championship game would be called the BCS National Championship.

    Here would be a hypothetical playoff field. First round games would be played at the home stadium of the higher seed. Also, teams from the same conference would not be matched up against eachother in the first round, just like in the FCS playoffs.


    #16 Houston (C-USA winner) at #1 Florida

    #9 LSU at #8 Iowa

    #13 Ohio State at #4 Cincinnati

    #12 USC at #5 TCU


    #15 Miami (Fla.) at #2 Texas

    #10 Penn State at #7 Oregon

    #14 Oklahoma at #3 Alabama

    #11 Georgia Tech at #6 Boise State

    The winners of the first round would then proceed to the second round where they would play at neutral bowl sites in subsequent rounds (i.e. the Rose, Fiesta, Sugar, Orange, and two bowl sites to be determined--the Holiday and Cotton Bowls would be ideal). Which bowls hosted which games and in which rounds would be determined by rotating them anually.

    I think this is the only way in which to annoint a true college football champion. The system as is is terribly flawed and skewed unfairly towards certain "power" conferences, as well as being influenced by flawed computer formulas. As well, it punishes teams for losing a single game game (i.e. Oregon) and locks them out of national championship contention, regardless of how well they play late in the season. And perhaps the most tragic thing is that teams like Cincinnati, Boise and TCU will never get to prove how truly good they are without a playoff that matches them up against the top ranked teams in the nation.

    I just can't understand why the BCS doesn't think a 16 team playoff format wouldn't work. First, there would be 11 PLAYOFF games that ALL matter, as opposed to six BCS bowls, in which five are inconsequential. The only one that matters in the current format is the BCS title game. More games equals more revenue. And playoff games will generate far more national interest and higher TV ratings than artificial matchups in BCS bowls. If Cincinnati and Alabama played eachother in a playoff game, I'd be much more interested than if they were just playing in a lame bowl that had no meaning. The BCS could still generate their corporate sponsorship revenue, as the major bowls would merely be incorporated into a playoff system.

    Eventually, I think we will have a playoff. The BCS in its current format is becoming more and more unpopular, and I think it will eventually come to a head. But for now we're stuck with the B(c)S and an artificial college football championship until the BCS wises up.

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    1 decade ago

    Well if you keep the Bowl games then I hope the idea is to use the Bowl games as part of the playoffs. That would create a problem though, I mean what do you use for the next round of the playoffs? Some of the big 4 would lose importance, and they wouldn't like that.

    Anyway I say it's not going to get fixed so accept it. A playoff would be nice, TRUE Champions(as in ones the NCAA acknowledges officially) would be nice, but it's not going to happen.

  • belsky
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    3 years ago

    Each convention has a convention championship. That's the primary six. Then, ten at-big bids. So, if the consistent season convention winner does not win the conf. championship, they nonetheless can get a bid. The bids are made up our minds by way of a rating procedure reasonably just like the BCS. Any group from a non-essential convention that's within the best sixteen will get an automated bid. If Notre Dame is within the best sixteen, they get an automated bid. The best seeds get residence video games within the first and moment circular. The last 4 is then performed in a 2 week time span on the identical website (Rose Bowl, and so on..). The bowl procedure remains to be intact for the ones groups that do not make the highest sixteen.

  • 1 decade ago

    If a playoff is instituted, then wouldn't companies that sponsor the Bowls and the BCS game rescind their money and the schools lose millions of dollars for just going? It's all about the money, that's why there is no college football playoff.

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  • 1 decade ago

    My idea is to completely get rid of it and have a playoff system. All the conference winners plus enough 1 or 2 wild card teams which would be the 2 with the best winning percentage

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    "They" don't want the BCS fixed. That is the whole point of the BCS. To keep people debating about it because it fuels the interest to college football and the competitiveness of the fans.

    If they really wanted a system that worked, they would have one already.

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