PA Family Trip...need suggestions...?

So we're coming from Louisiana & I'm always watching the different kid-friendly places on "Jon + Kate". We don't have much like that down here at all so figured this would be great! We know we definitely want to go to Sesame Place. Our 2 1/2 yr old & 1 yr old love Elmo.

Here's a few other places we had in mind:

--Crayola Factory

--Hershey World (Do you recommend this for mine, as little as they are?)

--Do they have whale watching?? (I've ALWAYS wanted to go)

I'm sure there's plenty more there that they haven't done on the show. Do you know of anywhere else we can visit? We're looking for things that can't be found down here. Thanks!

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    Whale watching trip would be in NJ.

    Keep in mind distances. The Crayola Factory is in Easton, PA and Hershey Park are about 1.5 hours away from each other. Crayola and Sesame Place about 1 hour and 20 minutes. Hershey Park and Sesame Place about 2 hours.

    I think Hershey Park may be too old for your children. There's a park in Lancaster, PA called Dutch Wonderland that geared toward younger tots. But again, check distances to see how comfortable you are with traveling to/from these places.

    There's an amusement park near Easton in Allentown, PA called Dorney Park that may have some toddler rides.

    If you plan on visiting Philadelphia, there's a Please Touch Museum that's kid-oriented.

    I would recommend looking at all of the parks' websites to see further info (hours, directions, park maps, etc).

    Seasonal operations? The Crayola Factory is probably open year-round, but it looks like they're closed on most Mondays of the year. The other outside places are seasonal and open when it gets warm again.

    If you do have your heart set upon a whale watching trip, I would recommend looking into Wildwood, NJ or Atlantic City, NJ sites. The Jersey Shore is an excellent place to go to for family vacations in the Summer (Ocean City, NJ is well-known to be a family resort. It has an awesome boardwalk, huge beach and some amusement places. Wildwood, NJ also has a boardwalk, amusement piers, but tends to be more of a young adult hang-out. Wildwood does not require beach tags to use its beaches).

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    Put, "Most attractive tour locations in Philadelphia, Pa.?" into Yahoo search.

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