Rouge and Gambit In the Ultimate X-men?

Im on #68 in the ultimate x-men and rouge is back but with gambits powers do you find out later on how she got his powers because all it says is that she absorbs his powers.

Can you just tell me if you find out later on in the comics how that happened and which one thanks

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    Gosh I remember reading that issue. :/ If I'm not mistaken since Gambit was dying and I guess Rogue wanted Gambit (at least a peace) to stay with her or at least a part of him. She absorbed everything from his powers, psyche, etc. Kinda what she did to Carol Danvers way back when she was part of the Brother Hood of Evil Mutants lol (long name).

    I believe it happened way back in Issue 53.

    "In the Cry Wolf arc (Ultimate X-Men #50-53) , The X-Men are attacked by Gambit who kidnaps Rogue and takes her to his employers, Andreas and Andrea Von Strucker. They hope to use her powers for " corporate espionage." In exchange for her help, they promise her they will help her control her powers through a power-dampening material they had developed. She turns them down, feeling that her powers are her penance. Rebuked, they attack Rogue and Gambit. She touches both of them and uses their powers to fend off their guards. The X-Men arrive to take her back, but she turns them down and leaves with Gambit. Rogue does not appear again until Ultimate X-Men Annual #1, in which she and Gambit fight Juggernaut. Gambit sacrifices himself to save Rogue, and she kisses him as he dies at his request. With this kiss, she takes his powers that seemingly overwrite her own, ridding her of her 'death touch' through several of the books (this also affects Rogue's appearance, as she acquires black eyes with red irises). In the subsequent story arc "Date Night" (Ultimate X-Men #66-69), Rogue decides to rekindle her relationship with Iceman after she loses her virginity to him (something possible due to her being able to touch him now)."

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    Yes, Because X-men 1-3 is good.

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