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不要太複雜的那樣 簡單明瞭就可以了

麻煩各位英文高手了 > <

第一天早上8點鐘出門 從台北車站出發 首先到台北的鶯歌 鶯歌有陶瓷之都的美稱 如果是在暑假 鶯歌當地會舉辦陶瓷嘉年華會 可以在那逛逛 中午當然不能錯過鶯歌的阿婆壽司 接著是三峽 三峽在文化價值上擁有不可取代的地位有「藝術殿堂」的美譽 逛完後天色漸黑 來到石門水庫 吃海鮮 看風景 晚上我們到新竹的老爺大酒店渡過美好的夜晚囉

第二天早上8點吃完飯店內的早餐後 直衝新竹城隍廟 新竹城隍廟在清朝乾隆皇帝年間就已經建廟 上香拜拜後 城隍廟周邊的美食小吃是絕對不能錯過的 之後到港南濱海風景區 新竹市濱海重要風景區。區內有觀景區、遊憩區、烤肉區,為多元化的綜合遊樂區 晚餐我們來到台中有名的逢甲夜市盡情吃喝玩樂 累了一天後住到皇星商務飯店

第三天8點用餐後前往國立自然科學博物館它是台灣首座將自然科學生活化的大型博物館 接著來到年輕人必逛的一中街shopping 當然午餐也是在這裡自由解決囉 之後去到台中民俗公園 體驗民俗樂趣和夕陽到別 今天的夜生活我們來到中華夜市 美食加上小遊戲 今夜的歸宿在嘉義的皇爵大飯店


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    The first day at 8 o'clock to go out first of all from Taipei Railway Station to Taipei Yingge Yingge Ceramics are there in the summer, if the reputation of Yingge Ceramics Festival will be held locally will be able to stroll at noon on that course, can not miss Yingko lady sushi followed by the Three Gorges Three Gorges culture has irreplaceable value of the status of the "Art Palace" the reputation of the weather's getting dark and came after the visit all the Shihmen Reservoir to eat seafood look at the scenery at night we went to Hotel Royal Hsinchu, spend a good night Hello

    8 o'clock the next morning after eating breakfast inside the hotel straight into the Hsinchu City God Temple in Hsinchu City God Temple in the Qing Dynasty Emperor Qianlong had built temples to burn incense in the years after the Town God's Temple to pray around the snack food is absolutely can not miss to Hong Kong after the South Coastal Scenic Area Hsinchu important scenic seaside. Districts in view of scenic areas, recreation areas, barbecue areas, play areas for a wide range of integrated dinner we went to Taichung's Feng Chia Night Market Enjoy the famous to live after the eat, drink Leiliaoyitian Huang Xing Business Hotel

    Day 8 after dinner went to the National Museum of Natural Science that it is Taiwan's first large-scale of the natural life of young people must be visiting the museum and then went to the one in the shopping street of course, free lunches are resolved here, go to the Taichung Folklore, after La Folk Park to experience the fun and the sunset to the other night we came to China today, the night market cuisine with the ultimate goal of a game tonight at the Duxton Hotel in Chiayi,

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    第二段 The first day at 8 o'clock

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