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藥理學一段英文翻譯 (急需 )


a randomized , double-blind,placebo-controlled study was conducted in 106 patients with a diagnosis of chronic idiopathic uriticaria(67 women and 39 men)

ranging in age from 22 to 71 years (mean 40.2 ± SD 11.2 years).

Approval for the study was obtained from the Ethics Committee and all patients gave their written informed consent.

Prior to treatment, all patients completed screening ; exclusion criteria were physical Urticaria,or other known causes, as well as a history of atopic diseases. Patients with Significant concomitant illness (e.g. malignancies or hepatic, psychiatric, endocrine or other major systemic diseases) were also excluded.

Study design

The 106 patients were randomly assigned to receive levocetirizine or placebo once daily :Group A(53 patients) oral levocerizine 5mg; Group B (53 patients) placebo. They were not informed that the treatment would be divided up into specific periods. At the beginning of the trial, the tables were encapsulated in a double-blind fashion,And sealed in envelopes by a pharmacist together with the instruction sheets.All treatments were dispensed by a third party. No medications that could interfere with the clinical evaluations were allowed during the trial.

A 1-week single-blind placebo run-in period (baseline) was followed by 6-week double-blind active treatment period with the above substances. The study

Ended after another 1-week single-blind placebo washout period.

Apart from the initial screening visits, each patient was examined by the physician four times over the 8-week period:a first visit following the placebo run-in;

a second visit after 3-week of active treatment; a third visit after 6 weeks of active treatment (end of treatment); and a final visit at the end of the second placebo washout period (follow-up) (Fig. 1)

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    一隨機化排列,雙盲,安慰劑控制研究在106 病患與一慢性特發性uriticaria(67婦女和39個人)的診斷一起內進行

    從22到71 年(意味著40.2 ±;南達科他11.2 年)在年齡方面。


    在治療之前,全部病患完成檢查; 拒絕標準是身體的風疹或者其他已知的原因,和atopic疾病的歷史。 有顯著的相應的病的病患(例如惡性腫瘤或者肝,精神病學,內分泌或者其他主要的系統的疾病)也被排除。


    那些106位病患隨機被分發levocetirizine或者安慰劑得到,一旦每日︰(53位病患)口頭5mg levocerizine A組; B 組(53位病患)安慰劑。 他們沒被通知處理將被分成具體的時期。 在審訊的開始, 桌子被穿一種雙盲時裝密封,並且透過一個藥劑師焊接信封與以及指示sheets.All 治療被第三者分發的一樣好。 能幹擾臨床的評估的沒有藥物被在審訊期間允許。

    一1 周單個盲的安慰劑試轉時期(基線)用上述物質隨后有6 周的雙盲活躍的治療時期。 研究

    在另外1 周的單個盲的安慰劑失敗時期之后結束。

    除篩選的最初外訪問,越過那些8 周時期不是每位病患都被因為那些內科醫生檢查4 倍︰第一個訪問繼那些試轉安慰劑之后;

    在活躍的處理的3 周之后第2次訪問; 在6 周的活躍的處理(處理的末端)之后第3 次訪問; 以及在第2 個安慰劑失敗時期(后續)(圖1)的末端的一次最後的訪問

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