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asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago

see, watch, look at 的不同

Please explain what's difference between see, watch and look at in English.

Thank you.

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    1) See

    This is the simplest of the three. When you are aware of something by using your eyes, you see it, whether this is intentional or not. To see is to sense with your eyes .

    When I went into my kitchen, I could see our cat, Mr Fluffy.

    2) Look

    The difference between see and look is that when you look at something, you do it deliberately. You deliberately turn your attention to it or make efferts to see it.

    Mr Fluffy couldn't see me, he was looking at his food bowl, which was empty. Then I coughed, and he turned round and looked at me.

    3) Watch

    Watching is similar to looking in that it is also something you also do deliberately. But the difference is that you look it for a longer period of time, especially something that is changing or moving. To watch is to look at in the sense of 'to observe'

    He was hungry. I knew because he just kept watching me – whatever I did. I walked to the other side of the kitchen to get him some food. All the time he was watching me.

    Let me give you another one:

    4) Gaze

    Gazing is to look steadily for a long time, especially something that is static or quiet.

    she was gazing out to sea.

    So you can say, ”Blind people can look at the sky, but they can not see the sky.”

    Source(s): me,and BBC English
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    ex: I see a girl running. 可能是在公園中不經意看到,而不是蓄意要看的


    ex: I watch a TV program.

    look at通常指凝視或定睛,有意識的看

    ex: Look at my eyes.


    ex: I see a movie. I watch a movie.都可以



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    look at



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    see的用法=see you

    watch的用法=watch TV

    look at的用法=look at a pictrue!


    其實 只有look at不一樣而已

    look at是指令的語氣 有一個事情要發生了 叫你看


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