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想請問 有關基因重組問題

frequency of recombination higher and the markers distance are closer in a chromosome, 請問這樣對嗎?

How about transmitting? Is it higher or lower?




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    First, you have to understand what a genetic map is. A genetic map is a map based on the frequencies of recombination between markers during crossover of homologous chromosomes.

    Relationship: The greater the frequency of recombination (segregation) between two genetic markers, the farther apart they are assumed to be. Conversely, the lower the frequency of recombination between the markers, the smaller the physical distance between them.

    The following picture is a sample of genetic map.


    正解:FR 頻率越高基因的相差越大,FR 頻率越低基因就會越接近。

    As for transmitting, I have no idea what you were talking about. Would you mind to elaborate a bit on this subject?

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