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Was Elvis Presley famous as a young child?

I read in wiki the he started performing when he was about 10 but I know that people just puts the wrong info. Right now, I'm trying to compare Michael and Elvis. I know Michael became famous when he was 6. Not only that but I heard Elvis was in the army so how could he be famous when he was in the army.

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    He wasn't famous when he was a kid but he may have been performing when he was 10 to audiences, but not world famous.

    Michael was definitely in a group and on t.v. as a small kid. You can find proof of that on youtube. I can't be sure but I don't recall Elvis being exposed to the public at that similar young age, of course he may have been if youtube had of been around back then now wouldn't you think?

    Elvis did the best show to be discovered on of his time, The Ed Sullivan Show, and he was on the same tour with a gang of talented people the likes of Johnny Cash. Watch the movie with Joaquin Phoenix that's all about Johnny Cash. Elvis tours around the same time as Johnny Cash does in that movie and gets well known. He is mentioned in the movie only but still it gives you some background and time line.

    His moves in those days were so controversial that they filmed him on Ed Sullivan from the waste up. He paved the way for today's bands so don't forget that when you think of MJ. Remember Elvis came first, not saying better because that is all in ones opinion. But credit where credit is due.

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    Michael was performing when he was 6.

    Elvis didnt start performing untill his 20s.

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    Elvis was already famous when he was drafted into the army. While stationed in German, he met 14 year old Priscilla whom he later married.

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    He didn't become famous until the 50s, when rock and roll was born. He was in his 20s by then.

    You can perform without being famous.

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  • Denz
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    No he started performing young but didn't get famous until he was in his early twenties.

    Source(s): Elvis fan - common knowledge
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    Kobe Bryant liked a pic of his balls so that's how he got famous

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    Havent you seen forest gump?

    he wasnt famous till he learned forrests moves :P

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