Does someone can teach me this?

Hi, does somebody can help me solve management science question?

I'm keep getting wrong answer for this question and I don't know the answer.

Beverly and Geraldine Derry own a small gourmet ice cream manufacturing business in Timaru.

The factory produces ice cream 52 weeks of the year. The production of ice cream is 5000 litres per week and the cost of transporting the ice cream to the warehouse is $85 per delivery, regardless of the amount sent. The storage cost is approximately 19% of the average value of the ice cream stored per year, with ice cream worth $6.60 per litre. Ice cream is transported to the warehouse twice a week at present.

The current storage capacity at the factory is 3000 litres of ice cream. What is the cost of this constraint?

Give your answer to the nearest dollar.

Thank you

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