what kind of jobs can you get from majoring in information technology(IT)?

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    IT is a wide field. You can be helping people with their PCs, administering a company's server environment or writing code (programming) for an application or the web. You can be working in a health care setting helping doctors to access critical medical records or you can be helping engineers who are designing a vehicle that will go into space.

    Most jobs fall into a few general categories. Each general category will have some college degrees that many in the realm have and industry certifications that individuals may have in addition to their degrees.

    Programming involves writing computer code. Most schools will have a Computer Science degree that reflects this discipline.

    System Administration involves supporting the company's servers and data storage devices. I have a degree in Computer Information Systems and it and other similar college degrees are appropriate for this line of work. Industry Certs: A+, Network+ and Microsoft.

    Desktop Support involves keeping every ones' PCs working. This may be Help Desk positions or higher level ones where you design the layout of the desktop infrastructure. The same degrees as System Administrators above are appropriate in Desktop Support. Typically beginning IT people will start at the Help Desk level and move up eventually reaching the Server Administration level. Industry Certs: A+, Network+ and Microsoft.

    Network infrastructure involves maintaining the network devices like routers, switches, hubs and cabling. This involves training on CISCO and other networking equipment. Industry Certs: Network+ and CISCO.

    As far as what you need to get a job in IT: The Holy Grail for IT employment is a 4 year degree, some industry certs and experience. If you have all three of those you should be good. Some IT people will develop a specialty area like Security, Scripting, Databases or other emphasis that they really focus on.

    Depending on how old you are now the best things you can do for a future in the world of IT is to take every computer related course that you can get. Also, become proficient in your English skills, PowerPoint, Word and Excel. You will need to be able to explain your ideas to others clearly and having good communications skills is a must. The old idea that a computer person hides away and works alone in a corner of the basement is just not accurate any more. You will need to have good communication skills to succeed in IT. If programming course are available be sure to try that too. Programming is not for everyone. A couple of classes will give you an idea if you like it or not. Being able to program - write computer code - is not essential to scuccess in IT. It can help you but it is not required.

    Source(s): 12 years IT systems engineer, MCSE, MCT, IT magazine author of 150+ articles and book and magazine technical editor
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    web design or computer tech and many more computer coding.

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