Is Kofi next on this list? Or John Morrison?

Guys that's Gimmick was modified, not changed, causing them to balloon to the top?

Terra Ryzing => "The Conecticut Blue Blood" Hunter Hearst Helmsley => "The Game" Triple H

Stunning Steve Austin => Stone Cold Steve Austin

Rocky Maivia => The Rock

Latino Heat Eddie Guererro w/ a Mullet => Lying Cheating Stealing Eddie

Shawn Michaels as a Rocker => The HeartBreak Kid

Not sure how to describe The change in Sting..

I am not usually one for conveluted Comparisons, but maybe:

Johnny Nitro => John Morrison

Kofi as a Jamacian => Now


He ditched the accent and is introduced from "Ghana South Africa"

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I don't agree with half of the people on the list, Triple H's character changed a lot between those 3 gimmicks, Stunning steve and Stone Cold are completely different characters and you missed out the Ring Master, The Rock's character and gimmick changed completely since Rocky Maivia was a nice happy face that loved the fans and The Rock was a self centred *** that only cared about himself (it then evolved into a face character), Latino Heat Eddie was always winning titles and it wasn't his lying cheating stealing that got him a world title as that was done mostly in the tag team days with Chavo, Shawn Michaels as a rocker was a completely different character to the heartbreak kid and Sting was a world champion as the surfer before he ever became The Crow rip off. John Morrison hasn't changed he's not just not a jerk to the faces and Kofi was changed because the accent wouldn't have worked for a serious promo...

    Kofi's change has been purely because he's much better cutting serious promos without his accent and little else, the change hasn't been made just for the sake of it they had this in mind and i didn't like it until i saw the promo on Orton and then it all clicked, it wouldn't have worked before the change. Some smaller changes are made to reach the top but most of your examples are different gimmicks completely in my book, still i get what you mean.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well..what's Kofi's modified gimmick? They haven't revealed that he's south african yet. I guess people will just think he's black. But still, what's his "modified gimmick"?

    Edit: Ah ok, I didn't pay attention to his ring entrance then.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    how is he from Ghana South Africa?

    those are 2 different countries that happen to be very far from each other

    if thats the case then the WWE writers must think we are idiots

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  • 1 decade ago

    well, they should try giving good wrestlers with bad gimicks a second shot;_ylt=Akp.9...

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