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Question about STD, no insurance?

Hi. I am concerned that I may have an STD. In fact I'm pretty sure that I have chlamydia.

I called a local planned parenthood to get screened and I was asked about insurance. I do not have any insurance because I recently got released from my parent insurance and cannot afford my own. I was told it would be $250 just to test which is not in my budget.

I was told I could go to my local health department and they would evaluate whether I could get a free screening based upon my age and income. The issue is they would need a pay stub, which I have but I cannot, and I mean CAN NOT give them a pay stub because the organization I work for is extremely big on no sex, religion, etc. and if anyone found out I could lose my job. It's very possible the women behind the desk knows about and is involved in my place of employment (that goes for anyone behind any desk or anything) that could very well be disturbed by me coming in for a screening.

okay, so basically my questions is, since i'm like 90% sure it's chlamydia, can I order anti-biotecs online or from a local store without a prescription at an okay price? or do I have any options here?

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    it is not that advisable for us to take in medications without any assessment or advise from a doctor... but with regards to your condition, i know specific drug of choice for chlamydia but i am not knowlegeable on how you should take it... well, for credibility sake and for you not to blame me in cases of adverse effects in these meds, i search it for you... blame wikipedia for any problems and not me... the things listed below came from that site... well, anyway, i am a nurse

    C. trachomatis infection can be effectively cured with antibiotics once it is detected. Current Centers for Disease Control guidelines provide for the following treatments:

    * Azithromycin 1 gram oral as a single dose, or

    * Doxycycline 100 milligrams twice daily for seven to fourteen days.

    * Tetracycline

    * Erythromycin

    Untested Treatments

    * Ciprofloxacin 500 milligrams twice daily for 3 days. (Although this is not an approved method of treatment.)

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    tell the health dept that you dont have a job and that you havent had one for a while and they wont need any stub. they will treat you for free.

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    Dude get mommy and daddy involved better than getting fired

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