3. Who's in ring performance fell off more after their injury? Randy Orton or Edge?


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    You'd have to say Randy Orton because Edge has had some great wrestling matches since he broke his neck but Orton broke his collarbone and has needed gimmick matches to be even remotely watchable, how anyone can say Orton is better now that he was in 2006-8 is beyond me because he's just not. He's got a "cool" character and everyone seems to love watching someone pull faces and do a headlock for 10 minutes but that's all he does. Edge at least puts in some effort in his matches and slowed down more due to wear and tear on the body than as a result of his injury, Edge has been wrestling a lot longer than Orton and Orton has no excuse for his performances dipping to such a bad level.

  • ortons his injury is no where near as bad as edges just a broken collarbone and orton has just become non watchable than edge in only the first year after the injury. Edge broke his neck and was able to perform at near the same level for 4 years before he started slowing down and its still no where near as bad as ortons

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    Edge. When he was in his prime he used to risk his body for the show. He's also had some serious injuries and with the achilles tendon injury he's suffering now he is gonna be weak.

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  • Another tough one...I would have to say Edge only because he is much older than Randy and Randy is in his prime right now

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    I think Randy just got better after his injury

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