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to the Halloween movie fans.?

in general the plot of the movie series doesnt make sense sometimes.for example in halloween 4 the return of Michael the character Laurie strodedied in a car accident but in halloweenH20 laurie strode is alive.i dont get that.can halloween movie fans explain this.


great info SqwuakSqwuak.your notboring confused

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    Halloween H20 is supposed to make you pretend 4, 5, and 6 never existed. Personally I really loved all of John Carpenter's Halloween films and ignoring those films really made me mad. However, even though they tried to get you to ignore the last three in the series, there are possibilities that could have linked the 6th to it.

    In Halloween 4, "She died in a car accident."

    In Halloween H20, "She faked her death in the form of a car accident."

    Though other things were over looked like Myer's curse, Jamie, and Jamie's father, there are still possibilities in the movie.

    Even though Jamie was never mentioned in the final script of the film, she was mentioned in the pre release script, but it was canceled out due to a time restriction.

    Laurie could have also cut off the connection between her and Jamie to protect her.

    Also at this point Jamie's death is long in the past, so she could be over it, or just never heard of it being as she is so far away.

    The father ( though rarely mentioned in the film), could still be the father of Jamie as well, as he could have faked his death as well. But They could have also been two different people and Jamie's father could have really died that fateful night.

    Also the reasoning behind the ignoring of his curse, could have been due to the fact that Laurie never heard about it.

    They also call it 20 years later as apposed to Laurie not seeing or hearing of him for 20 years. They do not mention the last killings Myer's did, but there would have been a cover up to hide Myer's getting away each time. They also remark the the last time Myer's died was he was burned to death, that is a reference to Halloween 2 and also the last time Laurie had ever seen her brother until then.

    So as you see, you weren't supposed to remember the last three movies 4, 5 and 6, but they left the options open just in case you want to make the connection.

    I personally don't even consider H20 or Resurrection Canon (True to the series) and disregard them completely.

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    Ok, here's how it is.. when they made H20 they decided to pretend Halloween 4, 5, and 6 didn't exist. So they just went off of the last Michael Myers movie, which was Halloween 2 where Laurie lives (obviously). They thought that they couldn't fully make H20 complete unless they disregarded 4 5 and 6. Although this is true, whoever wrote the script (or someone that just said they should do this.. )decided to put in the movie that "Kerri" (Laurie) faked her death in an automobile accident. If you watch the beginning of H20 after those few have been killed, when they do the opening credits, they show the wall that has all of those newspaper clippings and one of them says that Laurie died in a car accident, which of course you find out later she faked her death. Which if you wanted to believe that they DIDN'T disregard 4 5 and 6, then she faked her death and her daughter had to go live with the foster family. How ever it really can't be because they said both her parents died in the car accident, so where would the father be in H20. But now I'm rambling and boring you. All in all, when they made H20 they disregarded 4, 5, and 6. So it's basically like going from Halloween 2 directly to H20.

    *Lol. Ok don't read anything, just read this.. When they made H20 they wanted it to pick up where Halloween 1 and 2 left off but only 20 years later. They decided to pretend Halloween 4, 5, and 6 was never made and therefore Laurie didn't have a daughter named Jamie or any of that stuff. H20 is nothing more than a sequel after Halloween 2. So they just pretended 4, 5, and 6 was never made and you aren't supposed to remember anything from those movies when you watch H20, you are supposed to pretend 4 5 and 6 doesn't exist either.

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    well apparently she faked her own death. I do have a theory though. Maybe Laurie Strode faked her death to save her daughter Jamie. But Jamie disappeared at the end of part 5. She shows up in part 6 as an adult with a newborn son. Then Michael kills her. So my theory is, that maybe Jamie's son was actually Josh Hartnett in H20. I think that would have made a better story. I want them to make a new halloween with Josh Hartnett chasing Michael instead of Michael going after him.

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    Nope. no longer interior of in the slightest degree involved. i've got stated it earlier and that i will declare it returned. John chippie's 1978 action picture Halloween does not choose yet another sequel, prequel, or the different rendition. that's a stand on my own horror classic. Hollywood administrators and manufacturers would desire to come again up with clean fabric, no longer shop doing remakes of older videos. isn't there any mind's eye in Hollywood anymore?

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