A poem from Lois Duncan's book...?

Theres this poem stuck in my head from the book Killing Mr. Griffin. But I can't seem to remember the rest. I know it has part like these.

" Willow, willow by the brook,

Trailing fingers green and long,

and the ending is

Water, water cold and deep,

hold me fast that I may sleep.

for death with you is hardly more,

Than the little deaths before."

I really like that poem but I can remember the whole thing. First one who can find the whole thing or write it here gets 10 points!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Where the daisies laugh and blow,

    Where the willow leaves hang down,

    Nonny, nonny, I will go

    There to weave my lord a crown.

    Willow, willow, by the brook,

    Trailing fingers green and long,

    I will read my lord a book,

    I will sing my lord a song.

    Though he turn his face away,

    Nonny, nonny, still I sing,

    Ditties of a heart gone gray

    And a hand that bears no ring.

    Water, water, cold and deep,

    Hold me fast that I may sleep.

    Death with you is hardly more

    Than the little deaths before.

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