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is Scorpio the most powerful Zodiac ?

i know that we are: magnetic, sexual, jealous, passionate, vengeful, loyal, and have big egos, and have hypnotic eyes

but is it the most powerful sign (cuz i read that it was) and if not which sign is ?


stfu of course it does and of course we are.. i was actually just asking more approve from other Scorpios not from u others

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    Yes, but ONLY in bed. All signs are the most powerful at something. Scorpio is the most powerful sexually. They are irresistable. -Matthew McConaughey, Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leo is the most impressive. They are very powerful personalities. -Madonna

    Sagittarius is the most inspiring. They are almost unreal because of what they are capable of doing. -Brad Pitt

    Cancer is the most loving. Most powerful lover! -Tom Cruise

    Libra has the power of beauty and persuasion. -Catherine Zeta Jones

    Taurus is the most stubborn, can't influence them at all... they wont budge. Like a piece of steel. -Carmen Electra

    Aquarius is the most powerful in the abundance dept. They can get the most out of life. -Paris Hilton

    Pisces has the most powerful mind and the ability to make people want them or want to listen to them. -Einstein

    Capricorn has the most powerful stability. They can take almost anything and win in life regardless of what anyone thinks, they do things their way. -Kid Rock

    Aries is the most powerful by getting what they want their way with almost nothing. They are very fortunate. They are like magnets, what they want, they get. -Reese Witherspoon

    Geminis are the most powerful in the resourcefulness depatment, they can get anything they need in life with next to no help... they do it all on their own. -Prince

    Virgo is the most powerful in the zen department, they can outhink you, and even read your mind. They have great intuition and are artists in the perception of other people. They are the most powerful readers. -Nicole Richie

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    No, not really. Yes, Scorpio is a sexual sign but they are not the the only ones best at sex. Actually, Capricorns are best in bed. They may appear reserved and conservative but once you get pass the surface of them they are the best lovers. They are open and giving in everything they do. They have a sexual power that can match a Scorpio's just the same right along with Taurus and Leo's. It is a common misconception that Scorpios are the best lovers when their are others signs who can match their passion just as intensely.

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    obvoiusly you are a scorpio and you are looking for people to agree with you... scorpio is a fixed sign, which means they are more stubborn than most other signs. they are also a water sign which means they are emotional but a little insecure...being the only water/fixed sign they are a little insecure but hide it by being stubborn.. i've never heard about it being the strongest sign, and it isn't the strongest...all the air signs & virgo are more intellectual than scorpio..the fire signs are physically stronger than scorpio...and the earth signs are much more practical...other signs like cancer are cardinal, so they are driven and have a sense of direction..

    i agree with you that they do have big egos--being a fixed sign

    you are proving my point right aren't asking a question, but you are looking for people to assure you that your sign is the best so you can feel all happy inside.

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    I am an aquarian girl. I have dated 5 Scorpios. They were not powerful, magnetic, hypnotic, nothing. They were boring, whiney, clingy and their sense of humor was weird. I was not drawn to them at all. Oh and they drove like maniacs. When it came to bedroom time, they were awkward and totally turned me off.

    That's why I'm so confused by all the people who are so hypnotized by Scorpios. They do nothing for me. They make me run to another man. A more manly man. Taurus and Virgo are hot, but Scorpio? Yawn.

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  • I think they can be.

    Powerful signs i think are Capricorns, Aries, And Scorpios :)

    p.s. Libras are best. Just pointing that out. lol.

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    Scorpios are very powerful on so many levels.!

    Other powerful signs I like are: Fire signs + earth signs.

    I also agree with "?"

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    All fixed signs are the most powerful. Including capricorns.

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    It doesn't matter what month you are born in. There's no magical power that makes all people in the same star sign act the same. But the best one is Virgo

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    As a Scorpio, I find most people around me very shallow, superficial, and with no sense of who's worth what. I just wish I could make all these losers just disappear.

    I'm still looking for someone to make me feel inferior. I am narcissistic to the max, and better than most people. There is no other sign more powerful.

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    no, every sign is the most powerful in being its own way. scorpio is strongest in scorpio things though.

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