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Questions to ask on Nuclear Weapons...?

I am going to be showing a class the following 3 minute YouTube video on Nuclear Weapons, but I need some help coming up with a couple of tough questions to ask them following the video (preferably ones that relate to the video in some way), but they have to be difficult ones (not something like "What are Nuclear Weapons"). Any help would be greatly appreciated (I know the video stats are outdated, but thats the only video I could find):

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-lADZG6-PI

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***Or if you think of any "higher-level" thinking questions dealing with Nuclear Weapons (not necessarily directed to the video), feel free to answer with those

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    My isp won't let me go to youtube, but...

    There are many nuke videos available on sonicbomb.com

    They usually have a bit of background info with them from which a question or two may be formed.

    A few possible questions:

    When did nuke testing move under ground?

    What is the highest yield tested above ground? Below? per country?

    What is the difference between a dirty bomb and a nuke?

    Which country was last to test? Where did they test it?

    Ask about atomic versus hydrogen. Fision vs. fusion.

    What is the difference between uraniam enrichment for weapons and for energy production?

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    my numbers aren't proper however i'm within the ball park .. on the earth in these days there are 33,000 nuke guns and of that 33,000 the usa controls approximately 28,000 of them now if a battle breaks out utilising nukes we've got greater than sufficient to spoil the arena as we realize it to be .. Life for such a lot might be over and the ones people left alive might die a gradual painful loss of life considering that of the nuclear wintry weather on the way to comply with .. and the latent nuclear illness on the way to final for future years.. Nukes aren't a well weapon . now not even to win a battle with ..They kill via the hundreds of thousands they usually Poison the earth ...No sane nation or ruler might ever unharness nukes

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    Why are some country's increasing nukes

    Why are some decreasing nukes

    What are (tensions that ) causes a country to think they need nukes.

    Do you feel the threat is real.

    Why do we have nukes

    What country do you fear.Why.

    "Why can't we just get along."

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