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Questions to ask on Nuclear Weapons (based on Video)...?

I am going to be showing a class the following 3 minute YouTube video on Nuclear Weapons, but I need some help coming up with a couple of tough questions to ask them following the video (preferably ones that relate to the video in some way), but they have to be difficult ones (not something like "What are Nuclear Weapons"). Any help would be greatly appreciated:

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N-lADZG6-PI

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    Which countries mentioned are currently politically unstable or are in a tense military situation where nuclear weapons might be threatened?

    If a 15 kiloton atomic bomb were dropped on this school, how far would the blast demolish all buildings, using the distances indicated in the film?

    How many different ways can you think of for how a nuclear weapon could be delivered and detonated at a target population?

    Why don't governments who have nuclear weapons test them anymore aboveground?

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