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trying to get my parts for a wheel set?

I am trying to build a wheel set for racing. I have my training set and I just want an extra set. I think this is the part I am looking for, but does this make sense to you all? "A rear bicycle hub, 36 hole, quick release, 8 speed, 135 mm". Do they make these still? Where is the easiest place to find one? Should I just try to build a set from new specifications and only use the 135mm 8 speed as my specs?


I can promise my road bike has 36 spokes. Good thing I think and still light. 700c, 36 spokes, 135mm (i think),

Update 2:

I have the rims brand new, spokes new, and hubs. The only thing is they are not quick release rear. i hope to find one for less than 60 bucks, and have the rear wheel rebuilt.

Update 3:

MCG gave me some 10 speed 130 mm, that would not fit my bike. The width will be off. y'all can check the link.

Update 4:

Whoops, i meant to say 7speed... for a 7 speed drive train.

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    i only have one comment

    a 130mm will work if you get spacers and a longer axle maybe

    though you have to be careful what side you put them on, if you want to swap the wheel and have all the shifting line up exactly

    it would be annoying to have to adjust the back derailleur every time you swap wheels

    ==and of course the number of spokes doesn;t really matter to fitting

    though you may want 36 for other reasons

    swapping the wheel doesn;t know how many spokes there are


    Source(s): ==it also seems like craigslist is full of people selling the perfectly good wheels that came on their fancy bike whne they upgrade to something less durable but lighter or more fashionable :) wle.
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    While the lower spoke counts are more popular these days, even mountain bike hubs can be found with 36 spoke count.

    This is one example of a road racing hub with 36 spoke count.


    This is one example of a mountain bike rear hub with disc and 36 holes.


    You can buy complete wheels cheaper. Check with Neuvation.


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    *8 speed, 9 speed, same thing as far as hubs go, but 36 hole hubs for mountain biking may be hard to find, as well as 36 hole rims. Most common now is 32 hole for both

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