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Is there calories in dirt? I know it has minerals but if you were to eat a teaspoon of dirt...?

How many calories would it contain. this is just a hypothetical question for any brainiacs.

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    Haha! Funny question to ponder. No, there would be very few cals in dirt as it's comprised primarily of minerals in a form our bodies would not be able to digest and use. Besides, micronutrients (vitamins and minerals) don't contain calories anyway.

    There may be a few, albeit negligible number of calories from the organic substances in dirt, depending on where you got it from, but it would be so few that it wouldn't count (unless you happened to get a big worm or grub in there).

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    Hah, I actually don't think there are any calories in dirt. I think that the dirt would simply make it's way through your intestines without anything being absorbed from it, depending on what other materials were actually mixed in with it. I don't think it has any caloric value.

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