Navy Federal Pre-Approval letter question.?

Any Navy Federal members out there that know how their pre-approval letter works as of recently. I know there is a $250 fee associated with it just to get a pre-approval. This is par for the course with banks and credit unions right now though. My question is does the 60 day expiration start after you receive the letter or after you sign a contract for a house?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Navy Federal would be the same as any other bank as far as up front fees, and since they are a credit union their fees are generally more fair.

    The 60 day expiration would be from the time of approval, but for any questions, why not just speak with the loan coordinator at NFCU? Or look on the website - there is a lot of good home buying information.

    Source(s): military spouse, longtime NFCU member
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    5 years ago

    You should get in touch with a mortgage broker or direct back rep (wells fargo or someone). Doesn't matter if you go to or use Citbank. You can get one same day but the better letters are those that have run your credit and done some analysis on your personal data already. It does not guarantee you at all. I good sign if you can true pre approval letter. Doesn't have to be the same bank and the pre approval letter may come from a mortgage broker.

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