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How much is a Computer mouse?

I want a computer mouse for my laptop. But I don't know how much does it costs. I want infa-red mouse so it won't break easily. If there's only $10 mouse I will be happy....

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  • Liz
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    Yeah... there's a $10 mouse.

    No kidding you may want to check the 99 c ent store. I have a collection of computer crap from those guys including photo-mice.

    I know office depot and Staples have optic mice for $6.99 fairly often..

    I will say this. If you go all the way up $20 you can get a nice ergo five button optic mouse with side scrolling and all of it. Mice are cheap, and expensive mice are a rip-off unless you have a specific need that they fill.

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    Yep, like they both said, check all the stores, KMart, groceries, Walmart, drugstores, Office Depot, Radio Shack. Hard to find a place that DOESN'T have a mouse these days!

    We bought our little wireless Logitech for $10 10 years ago at Office Depot, and it's still going strong. (Works on both PC and Mac, no problem!)

    (Oh and P.S. give Liz yer points: she's right, as expensive mice are ENTIRELY a rip-off in my opinion, too!)

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    it all depends on what type of mouse you would like. i went to and searched around, this is what i found:

    *you can get some rather cheap, regular mice for anywhere from $10 to $20 that still have a pretty high rating

    *if you want a wireless mouse, they run about $20 to $30 on average.

    *depends on what you want to spend, some run up to around $60 for being ergonomically correct and wireless.

    Look around, amazon is a pretty great site to search for anything you want to buy online, or like the others said, search in nearby stores, but i would check reviews before i bought.

  • ?
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    By infra-red, do you mean optical? You can definitely get an optical mouse for $10. Check Best Buy, WalMart, Target, or whatever you have nearby.

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