What type of oil can I use in a 1998 306 diesel?

I have a Peugeot 306 1.9 diesel from 1998 and was just wondering what type of oil I can use in it? I referred to the handbook and it gives the following enlightening section:

...."Viscosity Selection:

....Follow the manufacturers recommendations"

Fantastic! Just what I needed, thanks Peugeot!!! lol.

Anyway, the oil is getting a little low and I have a half-full tub of unused oil from when I had my last car (which was petrol) and just wondered if I could use it. Its been sitting around for about 4 years but they last forever if unused don't they?

It is Shell Helix Super 15w-40, it also has the following codes on it - API SJ/CF, ACEA A2/B2 and it says on the bottle "trusted protection whatever your car".

I dont know what type of oil is currently in the car, are they all compatible to mix?

And most importantly, is this oil that I already have OK to stick in the car?

Thanks guys :]


Kelly, it's Unused oil, not used :]

Update 2:

J M - does that mean its OK to put this 15W-40 in even though it may not be 15W-40 that's in there just now? It could be anything that's in there just now for all I know, but is it OK to mix it?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You can use any 15W40,since it all meets SAE standard.Most people with Dodge recommend Dello,by Chevron,though Dodge recommend Valvoline Fleet 15W40.

    Source(s): 26 years auto parts and ASE2 Certified
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  • 1 decade ago

    used oil? using that would be kind of foolish why not just go buy a quart

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