how tall should my snowboard drop in ramp be for hitting at least two jibs?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    in the words of Greg Desjardins

    "the tower should be smaller tan the ramp, so cut your two-by-fours to a length of six or six and a half feet. For the ramp, keep the two-by-fours at their full length of eight feet"

    He's a quebexican (since quebec-ers and francophones are almost a separate race of canadians, everyone on teh westcoast calls them quebexicans)

    Quebexicans enjoy a healthy daily diet of street jibs and rails, so trust me. is advice, which i am passing on to you, is gold.

    me and my buds were going to build one, but we decided against it cuz, lets face it, we're snowboarders. we're lazy. so we bought a dakine jump shovel and a banshee-bungee. look into one if you get tired ot the whole drop-in scene ; )

    rock those jibs my friend

    keep it real!

    Source(s): Snowboard Canada Magazine Our urban sessions
  • 4 years ago

    I help build a little park every season in my buddies yard. Expect lots of shoveling and sketchy "test runs". We use an extension ladder to get on top of the roof and use that as our drop in. We get enough speed to hit a kicker or two, we set up a jib, and a tree bonk. Hard work, but very rewarding. hope I helped.

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