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A headline says "white population in usa will become minority in 2050". why? and will it effect stability?

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    The white population in the U.S. and around the world is shrinking. There are fewer white people today, than there were yesterday. In the U.S., this decline is caused by extensive use of birth control of various sorts, and abortion. While the white population is decreasing, the non-white population is increasing, because they don't use birth control as much, and they don't have abortions as much as white people. Immigration also is increasing the non-white population.

    Yes, of course there will be instability. Anytime two or more cultures are in close proximity, there is always trouble.

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    For the first time since the European set foot on this great land we call America the White population is shrinking. People will say they breed like rabbits, but forget that the Europeans population was 0 than they made into a majority how? By Breeding! Now Whites are become a minority so what who cares.

    Their won't be an effect in stability unless your ignorant and actually care of the color of someones skin than who they relly are.

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    It seems like you're trolling for racists and that you've caught a few. Why does the headline say what it does? It's probably yellow journalism. Which paper did you read it in? Stability won't be affected by our ethnic makeup it will be effected by our poverty lines. Did you know that at this writing 20% of the American population lives below the poverty line? That is one out of every five Americans; keep it up and you'll really see what instability is. Peace and prosperity stem from money not race.

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    My answer is yes it will effect stability for a fact . without being racist just look at the latino countries and the black countries .. None of them have ever been able to achieve what the white race has done and now they want to take credit for it all ..Yes there is some trouble in the future no doubt about it .. but i don't think it will be between who most think it will be ...

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    because Hispanics have come into the country in very large numbers and they have had many children and their children have had children at a young age.

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    Cause Latinos breed like they actually can afford all them kids. If we cut all the welfare and foodstamps, maybe they would learn responsible breeding. I will not hold my breath.

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