What do you need to be aware of when diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency?

I was told I have adrenal insufficiency and looked on line about what this means as far as how it will affect the rest of my life. I have read you need to wear an alert bracelet (for what?) and other things.

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    Well if you read up on it you know that improperly treated, it could become a life or death situation if you were in an accident and unable to speak. Your medic alert will tell them of your condition, then they can in tern, contact your Dr and they will be able to find out what they need to do for you. I know, I wear a medic alert. If I didn't and I was in that situation, the first med they would give me for pain would kill me. It's a common pain medication and used at accident sites. For me, it's a death sentence. So you have your Dr. phone # on there as well as your physical problem. They can save your life. So get one. Adrenal insufficiency is a serious problem. Good luck

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    I have had adrenal insufficiency since 1971 when my adrenals were removed due to a pituitary tumor. I took cortisone replacement and did very well for over thirty years...even climbed to Mount Adams Meadows, and went on an ll mile hike. I felt I lived a normal life, but old age conditions are getting me now. Please feel free to e mail me. One thing you will need to be careful of is getting overheated....dehydrate fast. Please do e mail me with more questions. Yes, I wear a Medic Alert bracelet so someone will know what to do if I start acting weird or get sick. Very, very best wishes to you.

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    You need to take a prescribed supplement.

    If you are under severe stress, say after a road accident you may need to take extra to deal with the stress.

    Ask your doctor what should go on the bracelet.

    BTW, MedicAlert wouldn't put what my doctor wanted. I got a nice bracelet from the engraving shop.

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