Questions about Bethlehem!!?

I was wondeirng things about the country of present day Bethehem. Like languages spoken,religion,location,oceans or water or rivers bordering,physical features,and climate. Thanks in advance!!


Thanks and I'd like to add i could use any information on precipitation there.

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    For over thousand years under Arab and Islamic rule Bethlehem was a Christian majority city. After Israeli brutal occupation that took place in 1967 most Christians had to flee from the city. The Christian population and for the first time dropped from 80% to 20%.

    A 2006 poll of Bethlehem's Christians conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Research and Cultural Dialogue, found that 90% reported having Muslim friends, 73.3% agreed that the Palestinian National Authority treats Christian heritage in the city with respect and 78% attributed the ongoing exodus of Christians from Bethlehem to the Israeli travel restrictions in the area

    Not the Bethlehem of Our Thoughts

    by Leila Sansour

    Bethlehem stands as monument to Israeli destruction

    Check this out:

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    Language: Arabic

    Religion: Islam and Christianity

    Location: West Bank, Palestine

    Water: Jordanian River

    Climate: Mediterranean

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    Before 1967 Bethlehem was 70% Christian and 30% Muslim town.

    Interesting that in 1967 the Christian mayor of Bethlehem (Elias Fryis) suggested to Israel to annex Bethlehem and and small Christian enclave around the town.

    Israel refused to do so.

    When Arafat came to to power in Palestinian Areas he stated Islamization of Bethlehem.

    Today Bethlehem; is 80% Muslim and 20% Christian.

  • Language - Hebrew, Arabic, English

    Religion - Mostly christian, some jewish and muslim population

    Location - In the central West bank of Palestine

    Water Bodies - 775 m above sea level

    Climate - Mediterranean climate

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    Ever heard of the Weather channel on line.

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    A place where Zionist occupy.

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