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What are all or some of the languages spoken in France?

Can you at least give me about like say around 8-16 or more? Thnx. ( I tried searching it up BUTT I didnt see any languages from France ) It Would Really Help If Your From France! ^_^ LOL


Oh And I Almost Forgot To Tell You. If Possible, Can You Give Me The Website(s) Or Your Resources?

Update 2:

I need some languages in France besides French, Occitan, Alsatian, Arabic, Breton, English, Spanish, Basque, Catalan, and Alsace. If these arent any of France's languages, then please tell me asap!

Update 3:


Is Alsace a country or a language in France? Is Alsatian is country or a language in France?

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    French obviously

    Breton (brezhoneg ) : in Brittany, i.e. the extreme western part.

    Basque ("Euskadi" in Basque) near Biarritz and Bayonne (south west, border with Spain.

    Catalan in the eastern part of the Pyrenees region near Perpignan for instance.

    Langue d'Oc (also called Occitan) in the region called Languedoc (Beziers, Carcassone, Nîmes, Montpellier,...)

    Provençal in the Provence (ranging from Marseille to NIce)

    Corsican in Corsica

    Alsatian in Alsace (Strasbourg, Mulhouse, Colmar...)

    Flemish along the Border with Belgium

    Ch'timi : familiar name of a Picard dialect spoken in the region Nord Pas de Calais.

    Apart from these 10 languages, whose speakers consider that they are languages and not mere dialect versions of another language, there are several dialects, or "patois", spoken by the older generations of several regions (with a city within brackets so you can spot them on a map)

    saintongeais (Saintes)

    poitevin (Poitiers)

    auvergnat (Clermont-Ferrand)

    bourguignon (Dijon)

    angevin (Angers)

    limousin (Limoges)

    croissant (Montluçon)

    franc-comtois (Besançon)

    vivaro-alpin (Grenoble)

    bourbonnais (Saint-Amand-Montrond)

    orléanais (Orléans)

    francique rhénan (Sarreguemines)

    francique mosellan (Bouzonville)

    francique luxembourgeois (Thionville)

    berrichon (Bourges)

    gascon (Tarbes)

    anglo-normand (on the French territory near Jersey)

    This is a rough list, scholars and researchers in linguistics would not find it satisfactory, but hey, I'm no specialist, just interested. Hope I've raised your interest.

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    Thirteen « regional » languages are now taught in France and in French territories. They are:

    •basque, breton, catalan and occitan

    •since 1974 : corse (corsican)

    •since 1981 : tahitien (tahitian in Tahiti)

    •since 1992 : four melanesian (ajië, drehu, nengone and paicî)

    •since 2006 : gallo, francique and alsacien (Alsacian)

    However, according to the French Constitution of 1958:

    French is the ONLY OFFICIAL language of the République française

    No regional or minority language is officially a language of France.

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    You MUST see the Eiffel Tower when you are there. France is a beautiful country. They speak french there. Not exactly the same as Canadian french though so take a communication book or lessons on the true french language before you go.

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    The official language as taught everywhere in France is French.There are many dialects.Also in a very small part they speak Dutch,some speak German and other languages.

    Source(s): abuelito.
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