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Is it wrong of me to tell my friend that I don't want him bringing and ouija board tonight?

Okay, so one of my friends is having a Halloween party tonight at her house, and so, this one kid yesterday who is my friend said he was going to bring an ouija board. I told him I didn't want him to bring it, because I don't want us messing with that stuff. What if someone gets possessed or summons some kind of demon? I'd rather not mess with it, but my friend wants to bring one. I really don't want to go if they're going to play with it. What should I do? Is it right to tell him I don't want him bringing one?

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    Penn & Teller did a thing on ouiji boards where they had mediums/spiritualists come in to use them. They were getting a good number of answers right about dead people -- then they blindfolded the mediums and without telling them rotated the board 180 degrees (of course spirits wouldn't care what direction the board is facing) yet the pointer repeatedly went to blank areas of the board, for example where the yes and no used to be.

    The mediums quickly explained the spirits needed their eyes to make it work. So they went to some famous haunted place to ask regular people try it out where this one guy had actually died (regular people with no reputation to loose as a spiritualist if they happened to get answers wrong) and guess what, they the answers wrong... ouija boards have always been a load of crap

    watch it for yourself....


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    Ask some crazy questions like, Who will I get married to?, When I will I die, What should I be when I grow up? Turn all the lights off and light an even number of candles (I believe it's an odd amount that attracts demons). Also, ask who's there, how they died, and why they haven't moved on. I hope you have fun!!

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    Nope. No matter what the situation and no matter what it is, if something's making you uncomfortable, you have every right to speak up and say that you're uncomfortable!

    My personal opinion on the ouija board though is that if you're not participating, you don't have anything to worry about. Just watch TV or play video games or something if or when they decide to play with it.

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    tell him not to. those boards are very dangerous, and can hurt someone. if he brings it, tell your friends mom or dad (the friend thats hosting the party) that they are very dangerous and bringing into their house could cause some problems...

    hope this helps. oh and if they don't care and they let the kids play with the ouija board stay out of the room. i know that will make you seem like a loser but just say to those people well hey, at least i'm not gonna be followed by a demon or something.

    yeah. hope this helps:)

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    well chances are nothing serious will happen... after all, the ouija board has been outselling monopoly for years.

    but i know what you mean - i wouldn't want to mess with it either. i think there's nothing wrong with you asking him not to bring it. but you really can't stop him, and if he does, i would just try to distance myself from it.

    it's likely that no one else will put that much thought into it, because they'll just be excited to use it cuz it's halloween. so don't expect other people to listen to you.

    like i said, ask him, but don't worry about it. just don't participate if you don't want to.

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    i wouldn't touch the board its dangerous but if its not your house you can't say anything ....i wouldn't go to the party I'd rather .....................stay home watch a scary movie eat some popcorn and stare at the stars while listening to some boogie music

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    I bought one at Toys r'us.

    Nothing will happen unless you absolutely believe something will happen.

    Don't be a party pooper. Its halloween!!!

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    It's not your house, right?

    So you have no control over whether he brings it or not.

    Besides, have fun! It's Halloween!

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    Party pooper.

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