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1-10 John Cena and Randy Orton?

1. Who do u think has better moves

2. Who has a better history

3. Who looks better has a wwe champ

4. Who gets less injured

5. Who has a better finishing move

6. Who beat the undertaker more

7. Who had a better debut

8. Who has a better outfit

9. Who's scary

10. Who beat up each other more

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    1. Randy Orton

    2. Randy Orton

    3- John Cena

    4- Randy

    5- Randy




    9- Randy

    10. Randy

    reasons in my opinion:

    1. I love Cena but he needs to have better moves and newer ones, he has 5-6 moves...

    2. Randy, he's been in Evolution, there's nothing much to say...

    3. I chose him, well without the title Cena is nothing.

    4. Randy since he is more careful and get's less involved and has his team Legacy

    5. Randy's move in reality can kill a person in a snap, and come on his move is landing a person on it's neck...RKO rox.

    6. Randy, he has more rivalries with him then Cena.

    7. Randy, he debuted more with his father which made him an instant success and he got involved with Triple H.

    8. Cena....well not to seem like a kid but he has a much "nicer" outfit, he gets more attention, but if the question was " Who has a more sexier outfit?" then of a girl's point of view it would be Randy.

    9. Randy, I hate him and that look of his is intense.

    10. Randy, 1 kick and voila.

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    1. John Cena

    2. John Cena

    3. John Cena

    4. Randy Orton

    5. John Cena

    6. Randy Orton

    7. Randy Orton

    8. John Cena

    9. John Cena

    10. Randy Orton

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    1. Both of them but I like Attitude Adjustment.

    2. John Cena coz he has achieved so many things.

    3. JOHN CENA !

    4. That is Randy Orton

    5. Randy Orton - RKO and the kick in skull.

    6. Undertaker is my favorite but I remember Cena once defeated him by Disqualification.

    7. John Cena

    8. This is of course John Cena coz Randy only wears underwear!!

    9. Randy Orton.

    10. Randy Orton beat Cena more but did notwin. Do you remember Hell In A Cell.

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    1.Randy Orton can do more damage

    2 John Cena

    3 Cena

    4 Cena

    5 Cena

    6 Orton

    7 Cena

    8 Cena

    9 Orton

    10 Orton beat up Cena more

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    1. Randy Orton

    2. Randy Orton

    3. Randy Orton

    4. Randy Orton

    5. Randy Orton

    6. Randy Orton

    7. Randy Orton

    8. Randy Orton

    9. Randy Orton

    10. Randy Orton

  • 1. randy (that RKO hurts 4realz... not just in WWE)

    2. Randy (undertaker, HHH, Ric flair, Batista, HBK, RVD, rey rey and he was the youngest world heavyweight champion)

    3. Randy (with the world heavyweight championship)

    4. Cena (he gets injured ALOT)

    5. Randy's RKO knocks the fuckkkk out of yu

    6. Cena never feuded with the undertaker so the answer is RANDY

    7. on that i would say CENA... he came in kurt's face and beat the **** out of him... but randy just came in.

    8. Cena. i like the jeans he wears... they look nice

    9. Randy

    10. Randy beat up cena more:)

    my favorite wrestler of all time is randy

    my most hated is cena

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    1 randy

    2 randy

    3 randy

    4 randy

    5 randy

    6 randy i dont recall cena wrestling the undertaker

    7 cena i hate to admit it but if anyone goes after one of the top dogs that an impressive debut and randy only beat hardcore holly i know cena lost to kurt angle but still

    8 randy

    9 randy

    10 randy

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    Randy Orton all the way. Cena is so overrated.

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    Randy Orton in all of them.

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    Randy !

    Cena would only win if it was who appeals more to children

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