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Fantasy football trade help!?

I just recieved a trade for fantasy football.

I send Brandon Marshall (Rank22)

I get Knowshon Moreno RB (Rank 33

I get Austin Collie WR (Rank 33

Mike wallace WR 26


My whole lineup is as follows:

Kurt warner QB

Matt forte RB

Andre Johnson WR

B Westbrook RB

Kevin Walter WR

Brandon Marshall WR

The rest are te, d/st, k, p. I also have Justin fargas as backup RB and lance moore backup WR. Westbrook got a concussion in week 7 and andre johnson got a lung contusion as well, but he seems to be okay.

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    Marshall is a targeted star in denver. Hes is proven. He will be consistent and have breakout games this year.

    In most leagues all the guys you named can be picked up off the waivers. The only exception may be knowshon, but he isn't worth it. Keep marshall or counter for better players.

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    Everybody except Marshall and Moreno in that trade are just fluff. And Marshall is more valuable than Moreno. Don't do it. I bet the guy offering the trade will drop Collie or Wallace within a week if he can't swing a trade.

    Moreno hasn't really had that great a season anyway, even behind a great O line.

  • Austin Collie is an explode or dud

    Knowshon Moreno is splitting his carries with Correll thats not gonna stop anytime soon

    Mike Wallace? hes a 3rd wide out whos a bomb td or 0 catches

    Keep Marshall. Marshall is on average to finish in the top 5 from his last like 3 games not counting the BYE

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    I'd keep Marshall because he's a sure thing. The others are all hit and miss. If you are in need of "more" rather than "better" you might make it, but you can only fit so many guys into your starting lineup. The only real player there is Moreano, so if you're in need of a RB it might be a good idea, but Collie and Wallace are waver-wire flavor-of-the-week types.

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    I would say it's not a good idea HOWEVER, what does the rest of your team look like. That is the big question. Also how many positions do you have to play.

    Collie is doing OK and Moreno looks to get a lot more work as the season goes on so it all depends.

    You're definitely not upgrading.

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    Although Tory Holt is terrible this year because of a bad Offensive Line and QB Issues, and you'd be getting T.O., Peterson is the best RB in the league and Kevin Smith is close to a 2nd string RB (Rudi Johnson should be starting over him). Don't do the trade. =P

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    You want to keep as many good players on your team.

    You can get wr and rb's ranked 33 of waivers.

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    defiantly keep brandon marshall

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    no way

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