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Please rate these girl names and suggest middle names?













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    Alice -- I love Alice. I absolutely hate the fact that people might consider it a "Twilight" name, but I love the name. Twilight is horrible... but Alice is so classy and sweet. 8 / 10

    Lilah -- I also like Lilah. I like this spelling, as well. It's a nice name. Sweet and ages well, though slightly (slightly) popular. 7 / 10

    Annalise -- I really like Annalise. Very sweet and attractive... and so classy. I guess I probably prefer Anneliese, though. 7 / 10

    Vivienne -- I do like this name... but Vivienne, in my opinion, is just the sissified Brangelina version. I prefer Vivian, definitely. 7 / 10

    Anastasia -- I LOVE Anastasia. It's a name on my list as well. It kind of reminds me of the movie, which I loved when I was little. :) 9 / 10

    Lyra -- I don't really like this... kind of reminds me of the girl from the book "The Compass"... 5 / 10

    Halle -- I prefer Hally. Halle is okay, but slightly unnecessarily adds confusion. It's SO much better than Hailey, though. Much too trendy... but Halle still has so much to offer. 8 / 10

    Cassandra -- I really like this one. It's so familiar, yet underused. I mean, it's so similar to Alexandra (in the ending, anyway), I don't understand why it isn't more popular. It's gorgeous. 8 / 10

    Helena -- This one always confuses me. Some people demand "HEL-in-uh", others demand "heh-LEE-nuh", so I just don't know which way you want it pronounced. It's a nice name, but a bit confusing. 7 / 10

    Jasmine -- I don't really like Jasmine. I mean...I had a kitten named Jasmine when I was little... but I don't like it for a child. Just not my style, sorry. 4 / 10

    Jocelyn -- I LOVE Jocelyn. Another name on my list. I really love it. 9 / 10

    Willow -- I don't like Willow. Lately, it's been pretty trendy. Along with that, I just don't like the "o" ending. It's kind of harsh. 4 / 10.

    As for middle names, I would choose...

    Alice Dominique

    Lilah Kaitlyn

    Annalise Elaine

    Vivienne Charis (CARE-iss)

    Anastasia Corinne (ker-RIN)

    Lyra Johanna

    Halle Justine

    Cassandra Violet

    Helena Roxanne

    Jasmine Sinclaire

    Jocelyn Yvette

    Willow Simone (sim-OWN)

    or...mix and match, of course.

    Good luck!

    -- Amy

  • Alice-6/10. Alice Marissa

    Lilah-8/10. Lilah May

    Annalise-7/10. Like Anneliese, Annalise Sarah

    Vivienne-9/10. Vivienne Scarlett

    Anastasia-10/10. Anastasia Violet

    Lyra-7/10. Lyra Jade

    Halle-8/10. Halle Maria

    Cassandra-6/10. Cassandra Elizabeth

    Helena-8/10. Helena Olivette

    Jasmine-9/10, Jasmine Taylor

    Jocelyn-8/10. Jocelyn Rachelle

    Willow-10/10. Willow Georgietta

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    Alice 6- Alice Catherine

    Lilah 7- Lilah Gracelyn

    Annalise 10- Annalise Rosalie

    Vivienne 8- Vivienne Charlotte

    Anastasia 10- Anastasia Faith

    Lyra 5- Lyra Madelin

    Halle 5- Halle Brooke

    Cassandra 1- Cassandra Rose

    Helena 4- Helena Evelyn

    Jasmine 10- Jasmine Gabrielle

    Jocelyn 7- Jocelyn Tiffanie

    Willow 3- Willow Mariah

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    Alice - 6/10 Alice Maria

    Lilah - 10/10 Lilah Jasmine

    Annalise - 2/10 Annalise Rosa

    Vivienne - 3/10 Vivienne Joanna

    Anastasia 4/10 Anastasia Marie

    Lyra 7/10 Lyra Georgina

    Halle - 8/10 Halle Morrighan

    Cassandra - 3/10 Cassandra Daisy

    Helena - 4/10 Helena Felicity

    Jasmine - 8/10 Jasmine Kate

    Jocelyn 2/10 Jocelyn Nicole

    Willow 10/10 Willow Caitlyn

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    Alice - 5

    Lilah - 6 (I prefer it without the H)

    Annalise - 6

    Vivienne - 10

    Anastasia - 10

    Lyra - 0

    Halle - 6 (The pronunciation is more obvious when spelled Halley or Hallie)

    Cassandra - 5

    Helena - 10

    Jasmine -10

    Jocelyn - 6

    Willow - 0

    Alice Caroline

    Alice Gwendolen

    Alice Genevieve

    Lilah Guinevere

    Lilah Hyacinth

    Lilah Madeleine

    Vivienne Lilia

    Vivienne Claire

    Vivienne Ruby

    Lyra Hazel

    Lyra Eleanor

    Lyra Danielle

    Halle Anastasia

    Halle Miranda

    Halle Jacqueline

    Cassandra Elise

    Cassandra Joy

    Cassandra Noreen

    Helena Violet

    Helena Cecile

    Helena Juliet

    Jasmine Kate

    Jasmine Clara

    Jasmine Aria

    Jocelyn Marie

    Jocelyn Laura

    Jocelyn Angelique

    Willow Elizabeth

    Willow Stella

    Willow Lillian

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    Lilah Grace

    Annalise Mackenzie

    Vivienne Sophia

    Anastasia Rose

    Cassandra Elizabeth

    Jasmine Kennedy

    Joselyn Alexandra

    Willow Katherine

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    Alice Vanessa

    Lilah Bethany

    Annalise Ruth

    Vivienne Marie

    Anastasia Belle

    Lyra Stacey

    Halle Rachel

    Cassandra Faith

    Helena Mae

    Jasmine Rebekah

    Jocelyn Renee

    Willow Felicity

    My favorites are Alice,Lilah,Halle and Helena.

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    Alice - 8/10 - Pretty but very common - Alice Genevieve, Alice Maria, Alice Muray (pron. Muh-RAY)

    Lilah - 8/10 - Lila is pretty, but Lilah just looks weird. Lilah Nicole, Lilah Jenay (pron. Jen - AAAEE) Lilah Faye

    Annalise - 9/10 - Pretty and feminine, but a bit too princessey - Annalise Clara, Annalise Rose, Annalise Evangeline

    Vivienne - 8/10 - Nice - Vivienne Grace, Vivienne Lorraine (pron. Luh-Rain) Vivienne Clairisse (pron. Clah-reeese)

    Anastasia - 8/10 - Again, pretty but princessey - Anastaisa Grace, Anastaisa Rose, Anastaisa Indiana

    Lyra - 9/10 - A nice, pretty, uncommon, odanairy name - Lyra Faye, Lyra Jenay, Lyra Taylor

    Halle - 4/10 - Ehhh...... Unusual? - Halle Maire, Halle Alise, Halle Natalia

    Cassandra - 7/10 - Nice name, but a bit too old fashoined for my liking-

    Cassandra Alexa, Cassandra Rachel, Cassandra Isabelle

    Helena - 7/10 - Ok - Helena Grace, Helena Aimee, Helena Jane

    Jasmine - 9/10 - In my top twenty - Jasmine Sophia , Jasmine Clare, Jasmine Maye

    Jocelyn - 7/10 - Average - Jocelyn Faye, Jocelyn Ray, Jocelyn May

    Willow - 10/10 - Absoloutly gorgeous- Willow Leighton, Willow Everleigh, Willow Annabelle

    My favourites would be Vivienne, Lyra, Jasmine and Willow.

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    Alice May-10

    Lilah Laken-4

    Annalise Ruby-7

    Vivienne Jane-10

    Anastasia Pearl-9

    Lyra Heather-8

    Halle Michelle-5

    Cassandra Jessie- 5

    Helena Marie-10

    Jasmine Jewels-10

    Jocelyn Chisato-10

    Willow Heidi-3

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    Rose (8/10) Rose Katherine Rose Olivia Iris (7/10) Iris Victoria Iris Elizabeth Grace (10/10) Grace Catherine Grace Jacqueline

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