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木杯尸 asked in 娛樂及音樂電影 · 1 decade ago

The School of Rock呢套戲講咩? 15點!

The School of Rock呢套戲講咩? 要做功課, 我只係知道條友教D學生ROCK同組BAND參加比賽. 之後呢到去到最尾講咩?可唔可以DETAIL D講俾我聽? 我要DETAIL知道每個情節細節, 例如邊個感動到邊個, 主角MR. S最後點樣改變學生們的一生. 我要知道個故事講咩做返個功課 THZ!

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    Dewey Finn,a hard rocksinger and guitarist,is unanimously kicked out of his band No Vacancy by his bandmates for his arrogance and frequent hyperactive stage antics. Dewey receives a phone call intended for Ned from Rosalie Mullins,principal of Horace Green,a prestigious prep school,asking Ned to fill in for a teacher who would be out for several weeks.

    Dewey has no real idea how to carry out his role as a teacher and instead simply gives his students constant free time.However,when he overhears his pupils playing in music class he realizes that the children of his class are musically talented.He decides to turn his temporary job into what he tells them is a special class project,but is actually a personal one:to turn a classroom full of kids into a rock band and crew.

    After realizing that most of the kids are interested primarily in pop and contemporary music,Dewey turns the school days into lessons of rock history and music playing.

    Meanwhile,the class audition for the Battle of the Bands,which Dewey told them was their "school project".With Summer's help,Dewey persuades the Battle's managers by lying that the students are all terminally ill with "stick-it-to-da-man-ni-osis", a fictional rare blood disease,and out of compassion,they allow the students to perform in the Battle of the Bands.

    However,Dewey is exposed when Ned receives a paycheck from Horace Green in the mail,knowing he has never worked there.Dewey succeeds in convincing them that he is a competent teacher,but Ned appears and confronts Dewey.His real identity is revealed,and he is fired from the school.Considering himself a failure,he falls into depression.

    At the end,Summer is seen arguing a deal over her cell phoneas she enters the "School of Rock",a newly opened after-school program where Dewey continues to coach the band and Ned teaches the younger ones,and the credits roll as the band sings "The movie is over,but we're still on screen" breaking the fourth wall.

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    個Mr. S係冒牌亞SIR, 本身唔係老師, 佢只係冇錢交租而假冒自己室友去做代課竹老師...

    佢比自己班band友飛起左, 冇得參加樂隊比賽......但又發現教緊嗰班學生好有音樂天份, 所以train 佢地去參賽......最後當然冇攞獎啦...

    感動位?! 有幾個wor, 最主要係班學生感動到Mr.S, 因為佢最後比人拆穿佢係假亞Sir, 爭d 連比賽都冇去......

    如果你有時間應該睇吓套戲啦, 超好睇, 超搞笑, band友必看...^+++^

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