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I usually felt upset in the quizzes because I always did badly in the tests.

miss成日話我sentence too simple....而我用得最多係呢類...我想問有冇其他句形代替佢??



1. In this way

2. Besides

3. every day

4. study learning

5. easily


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    i usually feel upset about my quiz results because i always receive bad marks.

    In this way-According to this...

    Besides- Another reason, On the other head

    Everyday- Each day

    Easily- effortlessly, with no sweat

    i hope this would help u ^^

    2009-11-01 11:14:10 補充:

    always in ur sentence means that u keep receiving bad marks, not only in the past, it's continuing (sadly...), so i think u should use present tense for the sentence...

    2009-11-01 11:14:23 補充:

    btw, i think ur english is pretty good... well, what do you expect? u r only a student from Hong Kong, it's not like everyone's an expert, i bet ur english teacher speaks with an accent too...

    2009-11-01 11:14:29 補充:

    i don't think ur sentence is that simple... it's ok! If u want to improve, then just read more english books and u will get better! =]

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    I was used to feeling upset in the quizzes owing to my awful doing in the tests.

    2009-10-31 22:24:31 補充:

    1. such

    5. prosperouslv swimmingly fluently smoothly simply effortlessly

    2. Furthermore Moreover By the way

    3. 每天沒同義詞 可用 habitually usually always....

    4. 沒同義詞

    2009-10-31 22:24:39 補充:

    p.s.其實你英文唔差 你Band 1? 老師好嚴

    你可以用多D 你學過既Grammar

    e.g. Relative Clauses / Conditionals / Connectives / Adjective clauses / simile 等等


    I like playing football. Playing football is exciting. I am very happy.<<<<呢D咪低層次囉!

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    可以用owing to表達原因

    owing to後面要擺noun phrase


    2009-10-31 22:33:32 補充:

    仲有 , 你 usually 用得好 , 不過呢個 vocab common D


    所以咪話你 too simple 囉

    仲有我懷疑你學校係Band 1黎-_-"

    可以用 be used to 表達習慣既動作

    你識用 be used to 起碼係老師心目中你係高層次D

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    1) Since I always did badly in the quizzes and tests, I usually felt upset.

    2) I always did badly in the quizzes and tests, so I usually felt upset.

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    You did so badly in your test that you usually felt upset.

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