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    A child, I always do not love Gaipi Zi, eating again, without restraint, causing gastroenteritis was looking at me quietly. One day, I was sleeping on my body to safeguard the health of the cells were treated with pain to wake up and my parents rushed to the hospital examination, I seem to recall that the way to the hospital, Dad shaking hands clenched the steering wheel, not stepping on the foot throttle opening; Yanmou revealed anxious mother could not conceal the tension.

    In the hospital, I eat porridge every day, all the food has to go through rigorous checks before parents enter into my mouth.

    I was most impressed with one thing: hard-won after a doctor's permission, I was finally able to drink the juice! So my father in the hospital to buy a glass of grape juice to me, has been a long time I did not drink fruit juice immediately took the juice, despite his father's advice, Dakoudakou the drink, not a moment was I drunk a cup of grape juice, and However, as far I enjoy the taste of sweet moments finished a surge of nausea, feeling of let me just happy mood evaporated, pool of vomit from my mouth as soon overflow ─ it is I just drink grape juice.

    Recuperating in the hospital a few weeks later, I finally left the hospital! The way home, my parents bought me a bag shredded squid, although I am slowly, but they are nearing home, I vomited again.

    From that illness, I would very much attention to his diet and health, people will know how to lose after the treasure, although the illness is unavoidable, but if you usually pay attention to his good health, will reduce the number of sick. Care of their body, their health is what everyone should maintain the right "life" the best attitude.

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