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憂鬱系 asked in 社會與文化語言 · 1 decade ago



Registered Dietitian

Essential nutrients

Index of nutrition quality

Recommended dietary allowances

Adequate Intake



Semi-essential amino acid

Ovo-lacto vegrtarian

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    Nutrition 營養素, 營養學

    Registered Dietitian註冊營養師 (R.D.)

    Essential nutrients 必需營養素

    Index of nutrition quality營養質量指標 (INQ)

    Recommended dietary allowances 每日營養素建議攝取量(RDA)

    Adequate Intake 適當攝取

    Oligosaccharides 寡糖

    Insulin 胰島素

    Semi-essential amino acid半必需胺基酸

    Ovo-lacto vegetarian 蛋奶素

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    希望我的資料有幫上版大的忙喔 ~^_^~

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