The Hunger Games Movie....?

who do you think should get the roles, these are my opinions:

Katniss- Shailene Woodley or Linsey Shaw

Peeta- Alex Pettyfer

Rue- Jodelle Ferland or Saoirse Ronan

Gale-Kevin Zegers or Gasperd Ulliel

Thresh- Adam Gregory

Cinna- James McAvoy

Haymitch- Hugh Laurie

Effie- Emily Blunt

Foxface- Bonnie Wright (harry potter redhead) or Zena Grey

Prim- Elle Fanning

Clove- Sofia Vassilieva

Cota- Thomas Dekker

what do you think??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Hi.. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES they are the best books in the world, and to be honest i dont think they should make a movie it would ruin it. HOWEVER if i had to pick a cast i think a lot of the actors and actresses need to be unknown. Alex Pettyfer for Peeta i mean come on. I mean sure alex pettyfer is hot but peetas not like that he is hot yes but he is sweet, unselfish and above makes her feel safe when no one else can and i dont think alex pettyfer can cut it. I dont think the movie will be anywhere near the book standard. im dreading it. They ruined Twilight what makes you think they wont ruin this.


    Source(s): Myself and The Hunger Games
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