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I have a few questions about staph infections?

A week ago my dog scratched me (lightly) and now I have what seems to be a staph infection. One is about half an inch long on my left bicep and the other is about an inch long on my forearm. The one on my bicep is just raised up a little but the one on my forearm has a few little blister looking things with what seems to be clear/yellowish liquid inside. Is it necessary for me to go to the doctor or can I just put some antibiotic stuff on it and let it go away on my own.

Also is it possible to build up immunity to staph infections and should I worry about it getting into my bloodstream and how do I prevent that from happening.

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    I got a staph infection a couple weeks ago and there was no clear/yellowish liquid inside or blisters, so i would check with a doctor, especially if it came from a dog scratch.

    And it is not possible to build up immunity to it.

    Hope i helped, good luck with it!

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    Staph is in all places, at all times. It lives on you dermis and for your frame. It most effective turns into a challenge while it's given the possibility to contaminate you (akin to an open wound). It is feasible that while you obtained your nails performed, they broke the dermis and created an possibility for illness. However, in case your finger is now quality, then it isn't an illness. If you're nonetheless involved, cross on your healthcare professional, they have got very practical assessments to uncover out whether it is staph. Also, in the event you discuss with your boyfriend, don't contact the discipline wherein he has the illness, and make certain you wash your arms after touching him in any respect (every time, very vigorously, for no less than 30 seconds).

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