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Does anyone else find it interesting that Dick Cheney said John Kerry would be a poor commander-in-chief?

Considering Cheney ask for and got 5 deferments from Vietnam?

Does this make Cheney the quintessential Chicken Hawk?

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    see above. The right disrespects Kerry's service and medals, and when the US Navy backs up the truth- that Kerry was a war hero, well the right just craps on the US NAVY too

    support the troops- but only when they're republicans I guess

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    John Kerry presented himself 3 crimson hearts so he could desire to get out of Vietnam and go living house early. the only wound he sustained grow to be a scratch whilst some blow-back from a grenade launcher hit him. Sorry, you don't get a crimson heart for capturing your self. Neither of the different 2 "wounds" grow to be ever documented. John Kerry is a liar, a cheat and a coward. and those are his maximum suitable features. Dick Cheney did an identical component your different "hero," bill Clinton did. He prevented the draft. yet liberals have no concern with bill, in user-friendly terms Dick. you may call that a double prevalent. in my view, i do in comparison to Cheney to any extent further helpful than i admire Kerry...or Clinton for that depend.

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    John Kerry got a less than honorable discharge from the Navy for his actions when he got back from the war, That the Dictator loving Jimmy Carter had turned to honorable when he pardoned the draft dodgers(Clinton included). Ironically he never showed up for his reserve duty when he got back from Vietnam which got him a dishonorable discharge from the reserves, which Clinton reversed and changed to honorable in the end of his presidency. To this day Kerry refuses to release his military records while using his surrogates to accuse his adversaries of actions he himself is guilty of.

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    John Kerry is a fine leader.

    Love Dickie Cheney

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  • Not interesting, just accurate. John Kerry is an idiot who wanted to build a presidential legacy, but it never happened. God bless.

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    Hehe at least he didn't bring a camera crew with him to Vietnam to film his "heroics" for a couple months and then testify against US troops to aid and comfort the enemy.

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    No...Kerry would have been a gawdawful CIC. The guys in the battalion he served on in 'Nam hated him, and the guy could not make up his mind.


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    He is a proven hypocrite. Every time he opens his mouth to criticize others, he proves it over and over.

    M&T Back problems? Doesn't seem to bother him when he goes hunting, does it? Miracle cure?

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    You ever had back problems? If he had gone I bet you a donut he wouldn't have had to lie to get a purple heart!

    Source(s): and he sure wouldn't have met with the enemy like him and Jane Fonda did!
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    I agreed with that before I disagreed with it.

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