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Could I get away with this?

Tonight, October 30th, is "Michief night" and is pretty popular around my area. Last year my house was TP-ed and two years before that, my car was egged. Here's what I'm considering, I keep watch, and if a couple of teens come by tonight, I scare the crap out of them by pointing my shot gun at them (Not firing of course but they don't know that I wouldnt)

So, not only would I be taking care of them tonight, but I'd probably have scared them to the extent that no one else's property will be targeted by them again. And it's not like they can go to the police because they cannot report me without admitting to their own crimes of tresspassing and vandalism. So, think I could do this?

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    Here's what I suggest you do. Have the gun, but don't point it at them. You're just holding your shotgun. It's not brandishing as long as you don't point it at anyone. After all, a guy on a shotgun range isn't "brandishing" his weapon when he's on public property.

    If the teenagers come around and start TPing your house, just stroll on outside with your shotgun and say, "What are you boys doing?" Don't be threatening, just say it quietly. You should be fine.

    If they call the police, you have a reasonable excuse - you were worried that someone was trying to break into your house and all you found were some stupid kids. Then nail THEM for vandalism.

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    Hahaha, you're not going far enough. Buy some blanks (gunpowder rounds with no projectiles), when the teens come by bust the door open with your foot and fire off a blank as a warning shot while shouting incoherently (not pointed at them, but into the air). Then if they don't run you start aiming, if they've still got big balls after that you start firing blanks at them. That's if you're in america where you have a right to bear arms, in addition to the rounds being blanks the cops would probably understand. Any other country and I'd probably be a little more cautious, maybe even just use a really loud cap gun. Btw, make sure they're blanks, you probably don't wanna go down for murder on mischeif night, lol.Of course there's probably way less extreme ways to do things, like paintballing them for instance. In all honesty you probably would get a visit from the police.

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    It's called assault, and yes, they can go to the police. Unless you have evidence that they vandalized your property, they won't even have to admit anything. Trespassing, especially on a party night, simply isn't really considered to be enough of a crime that they'd get any punishment for it.

    I'm sympathetic, I've been vandalized myself, but you could get into a lot of trouble, and it's probably not a good idea.

    Now, if you were to sit out on your front lawn, with several guns in front of you, cleaning a gun...I don't think that you could be charged with anything. However, I'm not sure what the laws are in your area.

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    I don't think that's a very good idea.

    Even if your gun is not loaded, you are committing the crime of assault with a deadly weapon. That's a felony. You have no legal right to brandish a firearm (or any other weapon) at a person unless you are defending yourself or the person is an intruder *inside* of your home.

    The kids' crimes of simple trespassing and vandalism are petty misdemeanors and are small potatoes compared with what you are considering.

    Stick to the old standby: drench them with the garden hose.

    If they commit a felony, your remedy is this: arrest them and hold them until the police arrive. A policeman could not draw their gun and aim it at kids for vandalism, and neither can you.

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    So you know the kids that egged your car are the same ones that TPed your house, and those specific kids are the ones you are going to assault with a deadly weapon?

    Not a good idea for an adult to be pointing guns at juveniles.

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    That would be illegal in most areas. Do not think they won't go to the police, and if you do and if they do, have a fake one close by. Hey it's Halloween.

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    I think that you will have committed criminal assault, which requires intentionally creating a reasonable apprehension of imminent bodily harm in another. Draw your own conclusions.

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    I'd call the cops on your ***. . .

    Misdemeanor means nothing to teens, at 18 mostbwill get expunged or sealed anyways!

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    yeah you would totally not go to jail if you pointed a shotgun at someones face!

    no. youre an idiot.

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    I know that if you did that to me, I would call the police.

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