Do you think its stupid when "haters" say Triple H only won the world title Because he married Stephanie?

Thery got married in 2003.

He won the the Royal Rumble in 2002, more than a year before they were married. He won the 1997 KORT, 6 YEARS before they were married. He won his first world title at WM18, which occured in 2002, BEFORE they were married. So please, tell me, how does he marrying stephanie have ANYTHING at all to do with him being a multiple-time world champion?

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    I do think it's something very stupid. That people say these things on how they're sure that it's about because of how he's married. People act like they know what's happening backstage with the "insiders" and the "spoiler sites". All I could say is FÙCKING BULLSHÌT!!!

    Back to your question yes I believe it's ery stupid on how people say that he only gets all these perks mostly because of how he's Stephanie's husband. He's a great wrestler who has potential. Even with or without Stephanie he would still be champion but no because he's sleeping with the daughter's boss he doesn't deserve the things he gets. Which to me is fúcking bullshít because if you could go back in the pas he's already an established wrestler that had an impressive list of accomplishments before he romantically got involved with Stephanie off-screen. You pretty nailed it with the accomplishment but people would do anything to look at any fault about any wrestler. And they think it's pretty knowledgeable if they say that HHH gets all the thins his way because of his "romantic association" with Stephanie.

    I had read articles before on how not only the people at the back but his co-wrestlers not fond of him and his antics backstage. I had seen of things from magazines on how he gets more special treatment than any wrestlers. Mostly because of how he's Vince McMahon's son in law. He does get some things like that because of how he's the husband of Stephanie but then again people doesn't le it slip. They think by targetting this shows them how knowledgeable they are about wrestling and of courseif a fan sees 10 fans hating on one wrestler they would join and hate them too. It's mosty because of the bandwagon and how they would look as "cool" because other people seem to like his/her opinion. I just find that foolish.

    He's a great wrestler who back then before he got married had the potential to be where he is right now. He's got the titles because he worked hard and before his involvement with Stephanie he aready had an established career. And even without Stephanie or Vince if he gets stuck with the company he will still have in some way an influence backstage just like The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels. And he has th great westling skills and the charisma to become on top. He's marketable and could is face could be put on the product and it would sell. I mean if Stephanie married Funaki would Funaki be where Paul is right now? I strongly doubt that Vince would even give him the World title.

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  • Susan
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    4 years ago

    I personally think it is now that I look at Triple H's career. Triple H has the mic skills and the charisma to be a twenty time world champion. I mean sure he's no wizard in the ring, but he had some classic matches during his career and during his prime. Not to mention Triple H was one of the best heels of all time during his prime. He was in the talks with Roddy Piper, The Iron Shiek, Dusty Rhodes and many others. He played the heel role very well and that is one of the reasons why Triple H became world champion. If you look at it, Triple H had the talent to be world champion. So, even if he is married to Stephanie McMahon, I would have put a World Heavy Weight Title on him at least once a year. Not to mention he is one of the most popular WWE Superstars of all time and he sells merchandise. I mean sure some of his title reigns may have been influenced by him being married to the boss daughter. But he had the talent to be world champion so I see it as being no problem.

  • URKO
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    1 decade ago

    Well i'm not going to suck up here for a BA so i'm saying my opinon and IDC what anyone else thinks.

    What about dating is there any records of when they started dating.People usually don't just marry for no reason at all.And look how many titles HHH has held after they got married.Let's see about 13 i think.Now tell me that's not just something someone with HHH's power can do.

    Also did you think that the most powerful people backstage are the McMahons and HHH is a wrestler.When he's not injured he's usually fueding HUGE or SMALL or MEDIUM on the scale of fueds.He's gettign a title shot right now to of course.

    HHH can say what he wants and can make his way to the front of the line for a title AT ANY TIME he feels ready,as long as the fued isn't like a Cena vs RKO one where you can't just toss someone in out of nowhere.

    So tell me now he won a KOTR,6 years could've been a push.WM18 i belive they were dating by then.Then got married.So he's one 12 titles in less than 7 years right after he gets married.WOW now tell me who has anything that close other than Ric Flair.

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    The fact of the matter is that if Triple H had gone back to WCW during the Monday Night Wars he would have been a multiple time champion. And if instead of coming back to the WWE after the fall of WCW he had went to TNA he would be running the show for one simple reason. He has a major amount of charisma, he has a great work ethic and the fans cheer for him even when he is a heel.

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  • 1 decade ago

    As another pointed out, he won his first major title in 1999 from Mankind, which was on a RAW episode. This is a topic most people become gullible in and leads them in misconception. Here's a history lesson that got many, including The Undertaker of all people, to respect Triple H. The Madison Square Garden Incident with Shawn, Hunter, Nash and Hall was where they all broke character and gave their final farewell together. Vince had to punish someone, so he punished Triple H. He couldn't punish Nash or Hall because they left to WCW and he couldn't punish Shawn because he was the "face" of the WWE (the one carrying the company). Stone Cold's 1996 King of the Ring massive push was supposed to go to Triple H, but because he was punished, he had to do jobber duties and etc. Guess what? An average person would complain about it and probably quit, but Triple H kept his mouth closed and continued doing business, which led to huge amounts of respect from most wrestlers and the WWE themselves, which proved to them that Triple H has what it takes to be his own. Some might think this is me rambling irrelevant information, but this is relevant.

    From 1999 and onwards, he became one of top heels in the WWE. Many legends have praised Triple H for his passion for the business. Even the WWE knew that Triple H was a total package and had the "it" factor. What else? He has drawing power. He can draw money from merchandise and fans wanting to see him (as a heel, they wanted someone to beat the hell out of him because he was probably the most hated at the time). Would he still have gotten 13 total championships? Yes. Here's something I'm going to throw out, though. Triple H didn't get power because he married Stephanie, he already had power. Most veterans like Shawn Michaels, Undertaker, Triple H and hell, even Edge have power backstage. It's just the fact that some won't use that power and some will. Wrestlers earn their power from the amount of time they've spent in the business or how much work they've put in. Hunter marrying Stephanie is totally irrelevant.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually HHH won his first World Title when he won the WWF World Title in 1999 beating Mankind on Raw post Summerslam 99. His relationship with Steph didn't start until midway through 2000 after his megapush had begun. So yeah its really stupid.

  • 1 decade ago

    Him dating Stephanie IMO had only had a small impact on him having a great career. Triple H is very talented and would've made his way to the top without Stephanie. He is one of the only wrestlers who could play a good role as face and heel.

  • .Rar
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    1 decade ago

    I know it's stupid to say that.

    I know probably he had them because he married steph,but i dont think we can say he doesn't Deserve The Titles.

    Your right he did get a big push before even dating you can't say that.Triple H is honestly a good wrestler.not the best ever,not teh best right now,not the best tommorrow.but he is Decent,he actually knows alot of moves and when to do them.he gets the crowd pumped up.

    The Guy is Awsome in the Mic.He is on HBK's level (probably a bit lower though).He's one of the men that can make the Crowd go crazy,He makes good jokes.he can be funny even in the PG era.He always knows what to say.When he wants to be serious he can do it,when he wants to be funny he can do it.

    The guy is a great heel and a great babyface.He got extreme heat as a heel back in his Evolution and Original Dx Days.he gets extreme pop right now in his face days.he can do both papers.

    The guy has charisma.Alot of kids imitate him and shawn with the DX taunts,they put alot of DX signs.They get crazy when he says "Are you ready".His Entrance theme gets the Crowd to be alive.

    He is great at selling merchandise.He has sold alot of shirts.His HHH shirts,his Evolution,DX shirts.Toys,DVD's alot of things from him are sold.And he is great at promoting them,Last Year on christmas he promoted his DX Shirts,SVR 09 and some other things that had alot of succes.No doubt he's amazing.

    I know by him being married to Steph he has alot of Advantage and Power.But wether he would have married her or not,he is very deserving on it.I respect the guy alot,he has been very loyal to WWE over the years.he had to pay big dues.and go through hell as a midcarder too.He didn't jump to the Main Event like other wrestlers.He was a midcarder just making HBK look big.So what he got wasn't free.But just to let you know,i dont think his first World Title was in 2002.I think it was before that.

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    Well it is stupid but I bet you he has won some of the titles just because he is married to Stephanie

  • 1 decade ago

    well regardless of steph hhh won all his titles cause he was a GREAT heel between 98-05 the best heel in the business.he always got a reaction from the crowd.thats why he won all them belts

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