Can you believe some idiots are comparing what Marlon King did to Steven Gerrard?

I mean come on people you may not like Liverpool thats up to you but do you need to be complete numpties how can you compare Gerrard hitting a man to a man who groped a woman then broke her nose because she refused his advances.
Update: Thankyou people goes to show most people know the difference between groping a woman then breaking her nose because she turns you down and a man having a bar fight
Update 2: Blimey alps hope that none of the females close to me in life ever meet you
Update 3: ILIP Dr Bad is one of them

you can see alps opinion for yourself

then this fella
Update 4: 1878 and sexual assault is what eh does it compare with a fight in a pub?
Update 5: 1878 yeah he did granted but by your theory he deserved all the time he got as it must be just as bad as what marlon king did.
Update 6: why are the people who disagree with me about this failing to mention that marlon king has been done for SEXUAL assault not just assault.
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