well im new to this skool as a junior and instead of goin to lunch since none of my new friends go there, i head off to the library where i became friends with this guy named michael. he would always come and talk to me, and when he saw i was different he would always say this skool needs more girls like me. later he would ask me wat kind of guys i go out with, and i would respond with a "idk" because i really didnt kno and he would say "how do u not kno?". he would always say hi to me in the hallways and smile. on wednesday he saw me walkin with a guy who is also my friend, and michael didnt bother to say hi to me instead he said hi to the guy i was walkin with and gave me a serious look. but yesterday, one of michael's friends saw me and said hi so i said hi, and than he yelled michael's name from the class and said "yoo shes heree" but i thought he was just jokin, but no, michael rushes out of the classroom and says "what u not gonna say hi to me now?" and he smiles and checks me out. during lunch his friend sees me again and says "yoo michael!! its ure girl!! come on shes goin this way!!" and when i saw micahel's face he was just lookin down and didnt look at me, instead he kinda covered his face. idk...does he like me or wat??? or is his friend just foolin around?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    DUH...this guy's crazy about you! :)

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