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MLB Dream Lineup????

What would be your dream starting lineup? Use current players and the dh. For this, it doesnt matter who has done steroids or not.



Joe Mauer-C

Albert Pujols-1B


Ryan Howard-DH

Manny Ramirez-LF

Mark Texeira-(moved to 2nd base)

Hatt Holliday-(moved to right field)

Hanley Ramirez-SS

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    C -Joe Mauer , most athletic catcher in the league good arm, great hitter

    1B- Mark Texiera, best defensive 1st base currently ,knows where to throw the ball, saves u a boatload of errors good hitter, good leader

    2B - Chase Utley very consistent average, great defense, good power experience leadership, consistent all around

    SS - Hanley Ramirez great power very fast very good average but needs to mature a bit

    3B- Alex Rodriguez amazing power, is very clutch even though people say hes not good average good defense leader, decision making need to improve

    if i were to pick 1 pitcher to pitch a game where if i lose the world ends CC Sabathia - he doesnt feel thee presure great stuff clutch mature can carry team, he yawns in the world series which shows he wont feel the pressure

    DH- Albert Puljols- incredible power to all fieeld sgreat average greta average very clutch

    LF- Matt Holiday good average good defense, ok arm great power very patient

    CF- Tori Hunter good power and average, amazing defense amazing arm and good leader

    RF- Carl Crawford k power , good average is maturing alot, amazing defense because of speed and very good arm , super fast steals a lot of bases

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    Joe Mauer-C

    Albert Pujols-1B

    Chase Utley-2B

    Hanley Ramirez-SS

    Evan Longoria-3B

    Carl Crawford-LF

    Torii Hunter-CF

    Ichiro Suzuki-RF

    Manny Ramirez-DH

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    C: Joe Mauer 1B: Albert Pujols 2B: Robinson Cano 3B: Evan Longoria SS: Hanley Ramirez LF: Jason bay CF: Curtis Granderson RF: Ichiro Suzuki DH: Ryan Howard SP: Tim Lincecum

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    Hanley Ramirez-SS

    Chase Utley-2B

    Albert Pujols-1B

    Ryan Howard-DH

    Alex Rodriguez-3B

    Jayson Werth-RF

    Miguel Cabrera-LF

    Joe Mauer-C

    Shane Victorino-CF

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    C-Joe Mauer 1B-Albert Pujols 2B-Chase Utley 3B-David Wright

    SS-Orlando Cabrera LF-Ryan Ludwick CF-Nick Swisher

    RF-Vlad Gurriero DH-Ryan Howard

    Batting Lineup










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    C- Joe Mauer

    1B - Albert Pujols

    2B- Chase Utley

    SS- Hanley Ramirez

    3B- Evan Longoria

    LF- Adam Lind

    CF- Matt Kemp

    RF - Ichiro

    DH - Ryan Howard

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    C: Joe Mauer

    1B: Albert Pujols

    2B: Robinson Cano

    3B: Evan Longoria

    SS: Derek Jeter

    DH: Ryan Howard

    LF: Alfonso Soriano

    CF: Ichiro Suzuki

    RF: Vladimir Guerrero

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    CF- Jacoby Ellsbery

    2B- Chase Utley

    LF- Manny in his prime

    1B- Albert Puojoils

    3B- A-rod

    SS- Hanley Ramirez

    RF- Matt Holiday

    C- Joe Mauer

    DH- Ryan Howard

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    Carl Crawford LF

    Curtis Granderson CF

    Mark Texiera 1B

    Albert Pujols DH

    Mark Reynolds 3B

    Aaron Hill 2B

    Joe Mauer C

    Jason Werth RF

    Hanley Ramirez SS

    How bout dem apples no team can beat that My MLB the show lineup haha

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    Ichiro- CF

    Chase Utley- 2B

    Joe Mauer- C

    Ryan Howard- DH

    Jason Bay- LF

    Kevin Youkilis- 1B

    Hanely Ramirez- SS

    Brandon Indge- 3B

    Curtis Granderson- (move from CF to RF)

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