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why is salvia legal but marijuana isn't?

ok from what i understand, salvia gives you a halucinagenic trip. But yet its legal. To me salvia is worst than weed, but weed isnt legal. wtf. why?

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  • M&T
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    I've grown that stuff for years....and I burn it..in the fall with all the other dead flowers from my garden. You want a real thrill..grow lions Head..it's an herb that's legal every where.

    Source(s): This stuff is leagel(right now) so grow it NOW! It's not as harsh and GET'S the job done! HAVE FUN...We grow a yard full every year!
  • Tom V
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    First off, Salvia is illegal in many states, and the DEA has initiated an investigation, which is the first step they take before recommending that substance is scheduled.

    The DEA schedules drugs according to their potential for abuse and addiction, and according to their legitimate medical effectivenes. They can't simply outlaw "all drugs that get you high", because it is overly broad and would be a burden to doctors and to law enforcement. It would also force the DEA to admit that they just don't want people to be high, which, in the past, is something that have argued is not part of their mission. So they schedule individual drugs after they show a potential for addiction or abuse.

    For a while, until the late 80's, ecstacy was legal. Until the mid 60's, LSD was legal. When it is discovered that a new drug has a potential for abuse, it takes some time to get it scheduled. Salvia just hasn't been scheduled yet. And unless it has some legitimate medical use, it will probably placed in schedule 1, which is the most restrictive schedule.

  • Anonymous
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    salvia is a new drug that has not been focused on by government leaders and politicians so its not on the radar. You are right, it is worse than weed, it's stupid because it only lasts a few minutes and is harsh as hell, and its more dangerous because of the hallucinogenic effect. Weed, cocaine, opium, heroin, were largely ignored in society until the 1950's when federal studies started examining the effect of the drugs, and then it resulted in the laws to make them illegal. It has taken a long time but it seems likely that weed will be deciminalized and possibly legalized in all states in the next few years.

    There's a good documentary on Weed narrated by woody harrelson, check it out.

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    Salvia is only recently gaining notoriety, and was essentially unknown before now. That's one main reason. Some states have already made it illegal to sell. Give them time to become more knowledgeable about it and I promise you they'll make it illegal. The alcohol and tobacco companies (and their lobbyists) do NOT want competition in the distribution of legal narcotics. The fact is that there is no good reason for marijuana to be illegal, if tobacco and alcohol aren't and almost everyone realizes that.

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  • Anonymous
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    Becuase salvia apart of having huge medicinal potential it's also harmless and short lasting, and for most not really enjoyable. It has zero threat of abuse.

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    Marijuana has been used medicinally for 5000 years, around the globe and by no skill killed a individual. the government checklist pot in the comparable time table as heroin. The thoroughly irrational reaction some people would desire to pot is a secret.

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    salvia is illegal in many states.

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